25 Best Lazy Halloween Costumes

Updated: Oct 31, 2019 08:21
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Halloween is almost here and many of you are starting to think about costume ideas.  If you’re broke, enjoy puns, or if you’re simply a very lazy person, here are some incredible DIY, last-minute lazy Halloween costume ideas to run with.  Enjoy responsibly.

 Ginger Bread Mancostume ginger

Super Cute

costume pong


costume sims

Truly, truly lazy

costume pope


costume nude

The Black Eyed P’s…

costume 20s

Iron Man

costume iron man

All you need is a lot of coloring paper and no shame

An Xbox

costume xbox


Crazy but effective?

costume crazy

A Bummer

costume gift

WARNING: This guy will bum everyone out at the party

Uncomfortable but inexpensive

costume updside down

Oh Wow

costume mm

No Comment

costume lazy man

We Can Do It!

costume lady

Any John Krasinski Costume:

3 Hole Punch

costume john 2


costume john moran

Or Dwightcostume dwight


Toilet Paper Mummy

costume toilet

This Bummer

costume comp

 Brawny Mancostume brawny


Deviled Egg

costume deviled egg

Spice Rack

costume spice rack

This guy is currently single

Not so Super Hero

costume wolverine

Risky Business

costume risky

When Life Gives You Lemons…costume life lemons

Make lemonade this Halloween!  See ya’ll out there!

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