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We wanna send you to Nef The Pharaoh as seen on Noisey!

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Zach Goldbaum stands out in the crowd. He’s timid and white. He’s standing in a large group of young black men, who are just hanging out in their South Vallejo neighborhood. They’re conversing, smoking, shooting the shit. Nef The Pharaoh is one of the young men in the group who says, “…it’s a good day.” But, he spoke too soon. Minutes later a convoy of nondescript and marked Vallejo Police Department SUVs haul ass around the corner, up the hill, and directly towards the group of men…including a bewildered Zach. Before you know it, the obvious unfolds and people are being questioned, detained and arrested. Nef knows it’s just another day in most of the lives of POC from underrepresented communities.

Nef is signed to Vallejo born E-40’s Sick Wit It Records. He’s a young man with a lot of promise, talent and hustle. He can be seen on Vice’s Noisey documentary on the Bay Area, where they follow Nef on an average day which includes him at an Oakland Black Lives Matter protest. Or, you can enter this giveaway and see him share the stage with DJ Esco.

Sunday, March 12, 2017 | Social Hall SF | Tickets can be purchased here

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