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Shits and Giggles: The Drag Queens of Comedy are Back!

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On Saturday night (that’s the 27th, folks, folks) drag superstars Peaches Christ and Heklina will take to the stage of the Castro Theater for an evening of wild and outrageous laughs. Only this isn’t one of Peaches’ legendary stage extravaganzas–this is an evening of old fashioned stand up comedy. With drag queens. The latest edition of Drag Queens of Comedy offers two shows: 6pm and 8pm.

Peaches Christ tells us that stand-up is a definite change of pace for her. “It wasn’t until (producer) Sasha Soprano first asked Heklina and me to do a set that I’d really ever tried it a couple years ago,” Peaches said. “Originally, we’d co-hosted one of the Drag Queens Of Comedy shows together here in SF but then a few years ago we were part of the bill as the only duo. I guess we’re sort of the Lucy & Ethel act, but bigger… and prettier.”

The outrageous drag diva feels that, other than their attire, the sets performed by the queens isn’t all that far removed from the comic stylings one might see at Cobb’s Comedy Club. “I feel like it’s all the same which is connecting with the audience and getting them to laugh,” she said. “I’m guessing there’s more of a difference in the audiences that attend the difference shows and venues but I don’t know that the core of what makes a good stand-up act is very different.”

When Peaches takes to the stage, she’ll once again be accompanied by good friend and frequent co-star Heklina,  another Bay Area drag legend. “In past years we’ve done a power-point presentation, or re-enacted a drag challenge with audience members,” Peaches said. “But this year we’re basically just telling a bunch of jokes some of which poke fun at other queens, and one or two are comments on our current political situation.”

I know what you’re thinking! Good friend Heklina? Aren’t Peaches and Heklina sworn enemies? Maybe not, Peaches assures us. “We pretend to hate each other because, well it’s funnier than the truth,” she said. “We’re actually really close friends and have been for over two decades. It’s probably why we feel so comfortable ripping into each other onstage. We’re not afraid of hurting each other’s feelings, but that might be because we don’t have any!”

The Queens, who include Miss Coco Peru, Alaska Thunderfuck, Bob the Drag Queen and the legendary Lady Bunny, have actually become a family unit over the years. “We’ve now gone to Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City together and as much as I’d love to say something shady about them, it would just be a lie,” Peaches said. “We’ve all had the BEST time hanging out, traveling and performing together. I’m gonna miss them after this Saturday.”

We suspect that the Queens haven’t seen the last of each other!

Peaches Christ urges people to buy tickets for Drag Queens of Comedy now–they’re selling fast! Tickets can be purchased at

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