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This article is brought to you by the fine folks at SF’s Community Music Center, providing music for everyone since 1921. Enrollment for Fall classes just opened up!

Do you sing in the shower? Tap beats on your knee?  Do you wish you could sit down at any piano and make a little magic?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Not only is musical training a great outlet for your creative side, it’s also been shown to have many other healthy benefits.

Neuroscientists say that playing music improves language and speech skills in children, and multiple university studies have shown that adults who play an instrument are sharper and have faster reaction times.  Let’s not forget that music is also a wonderful stress release and a lot of fun.  While you may be spending 50 hours a week at work to afford your ludicrously high San Francisco rent, you may want to think about spending 1 hour a week helping your own brain and sanity.

Meet CMC student Stephen Gibson, a San Franciscan who not only found a place to play music at CMC, he found other artists to collaborate with.

There’s no easier place in the city to begin an instrument or get back in the swing of things than at Community Music Centers in the Mission and Richmond Districts.  They have a sliding scale to accommodate every pocket book, and they’ve been giving group and private lessons for almost a 100 years, so they definitely know what they’re doing.

Last year, CMC served over 2,400 students of all ages, levels and financial backgrounds.  From violin to trumpet, from jazz theory groups to garage bands.  There really is a class for every kind of musician, you should check out their Fall Schedule of classes for Adults.  The registration period runs from August 7 – August 25. Fall Quarter begins on August 31.

Want to follow what’s happening at CMC?

Enroll For Fall Classes

And here’s a little mini-tour of campus


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