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Everybody Gets a Hugh Hefner Shirt

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Ladies’ cut is here. Fella’s is here. Make sure to read below to get the discount code.


Hugh Hefner’s legacy is hella complicated. He made a fortune exploiting naked women and shaping the concept of what the ideal woman should look like based on his personal preferences. He also made a fortune by selling the male gaze exactly what it wanted. And by the end of his life seemed like a pretty creepy old man. Simply put he made a fortune from misogyny.

On the flip side he fundamentally helped change the way we look at sex and helped usher in sex positivity. He was also pro LGBT in a time when it was not accepted, he helped black entertainers like Dick Gregory get in front of mainstream audiences, he worked to end segregation, he gave a $25,000 reward that helped break the case of thee murdered civil rights activists in Mississippi, and he helped fund America’s first rape kit. Plus he published incredibly progressive journalism and diverse fiction from authors including, Ursula K. Le Guin, Hunter S. Thompson, Joyce Carol Oates, and Margaret Atwood.

So as I said, dude’s legacy is hella complicated. What’s for certain though is that Hefner was an American icon, and because of this we are giving out these shirts. Read below to get the discount code.

If you’ve noticed, we like to give out free shirts when icons pass away. We did this first with PrinceMuhammad AliCarrie Fisher, Leonard Cohen and more. All folks gotta do is pay for shipping, handling and cost of the shirt. I make $0 profit on these. Although in this case I really wouldn’t feel bad about exploiting Hef’s death for money. It’s the kind of thing he made his fortune on.

We do this because it’s awesome to literally put a shirt on someone’s back. But we also do it because we figure, if you get one shirt for free, maybe you’ll buy one of the other great things from the store as well (all orders over $40 get FREE shipping). Running a this site is expensive and every little bit helps. Regardless of whether or not folks end up buying other stuff though, it feels really good to be able to give something to people that they really love.

So that’s why we’re giving out these Hugh Hefner shirts for free. Just use the code “INBUNNIESWETRUST”when you check out. The ladies’ cut is here and the fellas’ cut is here

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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