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It’s Art Grant Season in Cali

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From the Latino Center of Art and Culture 7th Annual El Panteón de Sacramento  Dia de los Muertos.   Photo credit: Hector Moran

If you’re part of an arts organization or an artsy non-profit in California, then fire up your laptop and start huntin’ because the start of California’s art grant season is now open. As of December 5th you can now apply for 8 of the California Arts Council’s grant programs, with seven more to follow during the month of December.

According to the California Arts Council: “California’s investment in the arts has been steadily increasing since 2013, with a $6.8 permanent increase included this year. Greater investment equals greater opportunity to meet the demand for arts and cultural experiences across California. The Arts Council anticipates awarded more than 1,000 grants this cycle.”

If you’re new to the whole ‘grants for the arts’ dynamic, here’s a link to a webinair that explains the process in detail:
Grant Info Webinair

Open Programs (as of December 5, 2017)

ARTISTS IN COMMUNITIES: Up to $18,000 for artist residencies in community settings.

ARTS EDUCATION – ARTISTS IN SCHOOLS: Up to $18,000 for collaborative arts education projects for students from infancy through Grade 12 taking place on school sites during the school day.

ARTS EDUCATION – EXTENSION: Up to $18,000 for arts education projects for students from infancy through Grade 12 taking place after school or during the summer, either on school sites or in community settings.

ARTS EDUCATION – EXPOSURE: Up to $18,000 for field trip and assembly support to expose students from infancy through Grade 12 to performances and exhibits.

ARTS EDUCATION – PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: $2,500 to support arts integration training for classroom teachers facilitated by teaching artists.

CULTURAL PATHWAYS: Up to $20,000 over two years to strengthen the capacity of small organizations rooted in communities of color, recent immigrant and refugee communities, and tribal or indigenous groups.

JUMP STARTS: Up to $50,000 for collaborative arts education projects for youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Up to $1,000 for access to professional development resources and networks to strengthen the business acumen of individuals employed by arts organizations.

More Info about programs:

There are also 3 webinars during December to guide you through the grant programs and process:
• Arts and Justice on 12/12 (
• Arts Education on 12/19 (
Register to attend ; )

happy huntin’!

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