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NYC Is Getting It’s First Craft Beer Flea Market This Month

Updated: Jul 24, 2019 14:21
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NYC in the summer is a magical time. I’ve now lived through multiple summers here and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that there is never a shortage of things to do. The nice thing is that, even with the landscape being so full, there’s always room for more. NYC is welcoming to new ideas, themes, events and all things local. We’re pretty cool like that, honestly. Flea markets, farmers markets and art bazaars are commonplace all over, on any given weekend, from spring to fall but rarely do they have a “theme” aside from the timing of the market being around a holiday. That’s where craft beer aficionado, podcast host & comedian Brian Theriot along with Queens Brewery come into play. As a team, they’re ready to blow the lid off the “flea market” blueprint by making it as much of a bad ass gathering as a local business supporters shopping utopia.

The Menu’s At Queens Brewery

First, little back story on your creator: Brian is one of the hardest working people in NYC, as far as straight up hustle goes. He moved here years ago and immediately plunged into the radio & acting markets along with comedy by way of Comical Radio & various film projects. As with any project in NYC, they come and go and then more come along. It’s an interesting city in that there are as many available opportunities as there are failed projects at any given time. Fast forward a bit and Brian decided that he’d marry two of his loves into a single project: Craft Beer + Comedy = The Kegstand Podcast. Kegstand has become popular literally all over the world and it continues to grow. One of the best guests on the show was Queens Brewery, showcasing fantastic craft beer and talking about opening up a taproom in the near future. Well, as they say, the future is now. Queens Brewery has opened up a space in Ridgewood, Queens bordering the bustling Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn and the best way to explain it is: Impressive. What they’ve done with the massive warehouse space is great. It’s part brewery, part brew pub, part performance space and as of this month, part flea market destination. As is, they showcase live music and live comedy (more on that later) along with traditional pub activities like trivia. It’s a truly impressive space that oozes potential and is clearly a labor of love from the owners.

MUGS! But artsy mugs.

On Sunday, June 24th from 11am to 6pm, Kegstand & Queens Brewery are bringing the magic of NYC flea markets to this incredible space. Vendors from all over NYC will be showcased, offering their truly unique products to attendees. This is the shopping experience you want in New York City. Do you want some mass market, big box store or do you want a one of a kind selection of unique products from small business owners? You get the awesome shopping experience PLUS you get an incredible selection of craft beer & cocktails PLUS you get pub grub PLUS you may even get to see a podcast recorded live! I guess you’ll have to come see for yourself. Just to give you a taste of what you’ll get at the first craft beer flea market, here’s a few of the vendors you can expect to see:

Brew Spice: This unique vendors asks the question “Why is pairing beer and food such a guessing game?” and then they answer it with their product!  They managed to take the universal flavors of beer styles and convert them to spice form so you can cook and pair your food perfectly. For example, if you’re drinking a stout, you’re getting a spice mix that includes cacao nibs, espresso bean, East Kent hops & more.

Santa Muerte Candle Co.: This local retailer is exactly what they sound like, and that’s a local candle maker that does some of the best homemade candles in the area. You’ll get a different variety every time they show up, as they’re always making new & creative designs.

Frank The Sausage Man: Frank is an old school east coaster that knows his strengths. His strengths happen to be all varieties of cured Italian meats and homemade cheeses, which make Frank one of my favorite people. He’s always slinging samples before you buy and if you think meat & cheese don’t go with craft beer, you are out of your mind.

Santa Muerte Candles

That’s just 3 of the vendors you’ll see at market but I have a surprise for you now. At the end of the market, starting at 8pm, the craft beer hall at Queens Brewery goes from a shopping extravaganza to a house of laughter. The night will end with a comedy show from Kegstand, hosted by Aaron Berg and headlined by living legend and award winning comedian, Rich Vos. So join us on Sunday, June 24th for the first ever Craft Beer Flea Market and stick around for one of the best nights of comedy in NYC.

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