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Meet the Little Girl Who #PermitPatty Called the Cops On

Updated: Jul 22, 2019 15:53
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The 8-year-old-girl racially profiled by #PermitPatty had a party thrown for her Saturday,  complete with donations of more than $8,000 pledged from Bay Area cannabis companies. You see the young entrepreneur Jordan, above, surrounded by friends at Saturday’s celebration and fundraiser that added to her current GoFundMe campaign. Saturday she received separate large donated pledges for The Apothecarium, Magnolia Oakland, and Kind Culture.

Jordan held an epic bottled water fundraiser at Saturday’s celebration, with no threat that some casually racist, wannabe whistleblower would try to bust her. But she still remembers being harassed by #PermitPatty that fateful Friday night in late June.

“It was scary,” young Jordan tells us. “Because I didn’t want her to call the police, and I did not know what a permit was.”

Jordan still bravely sells water before Giants games in Mission Bay, despite that night’s experience.

“My daughter was out there selling water about an hour,” Jordan’s mom Erin Austin tells “Then this woman came up and walked directly to my daughter and demanded a permit. Then when I tried to intervene she told me if I didn’t show her a permit she would call the police.”

‘That woman was Alison Ettel, whom news reports would show was the CEO of a the CBD pet treat company Treatwell Health. The cannabis industry was mortified at the incident, and has started an educational fund whose total donations have received more than $8,000 inpledges.

“Everyone’s been super supportive, they’ve backed my baby up,” Austin says of the effort.

“Entrepreneurism in children should be encouraged, all the time, always,” says the event’s primary organizer, Kind Culture founder and CEO Galen Pallas, who was pleased with Saturday’s turnout. “There have been a few hundred people that have approached. It’s been a constant stream of people coming up and buying water and really enjoying themselves.”That $1,812 donation on the oversized check came from The Apothecarium, whose Philanthropic Advisory Board chose to include Jordan among the causes they contribute to. “Some people came and were definitely like, ‘Where’s Jordan? I want to meet her, I want to take a selfie with her, and buy one of her famous water bottles,’” Apothecarium spokesperson Eliot Dobris tells us. “And other people have just seen the party and and asked ‘What is all this?’ and wanted to support this remarkable young lady.”

Jordan’s case got a lot of attention because she’s a cute kid. But so many other racial profiling incidents go unreported, particularly in San Francisco’s Mission Bay and South Beach.

“I’ve lived in that community for 20 years, and that is not too uncommon,” says Angela Jenkins of the San Francisco Interrupting Racial Profiling Campaign. “Right after the ‘89 earthquake and the Embarcadero Freeway went down, real estate went through the roof. So you begin to see after the ‘89 earthquake, after rebuilding the wealth and real estate there, it became a very popular area. But anytime you have investment in real estate and housing, you may see it depreciate in certain people’s minds if certain people move in to the community.”

“People have become more emboldened since the Trump administration,” Jenkins tells us. “Some of it was subtle, but they’ve been emboldened to call you out, and it’s through networks. San Francisco has a 5-6% black population. If you’re not seen as industrious, they assume you’re a criminal and a threat.”

The San Francisco Interrupting Racial Profiling Campaign will hold a Creating Safer and More Welcoming Neighborhoods presentation next Monday night, July 23, at 6:30 p.m. at CloudFlare headquarters (101 Townsend St.), to discuss implicit bias and racial profiling in the neighborhood.

Until then, you can still catch Jordan selling water before Giants games if you’re in the mood for an all-ages beverage.

You can still contribute to Jordan’s Water Stand Project GoFundme.

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