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The Do’s and Don’ts of Good Road Head

Updated: Aug 04, 2020 10:19
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road head

By Conor Coxxx

This is an incredibly relevant topic to me as I have just recently luckily received road head so it is fresh in my mind what I would recommend to do and NOT recommend to do. A lot of these tips were applied during a recent scene I shot with Violet Monroe– “Road head from a Redhead”.

The most recent experience was while driving through Hollywood with cars and people everywhere. I ended up blowing my load in the girl’s mouth at a stop light. Very dumb and risky! I DO NOT recommend this! Unfortunately, when you are a guy and a girl wants to blow you you’re likely to say yes without regard to pretty much anything. If you’re more responsible than I am you will apply the following tips to ensure your road head experience is both fun AND safe! 

1) Choose the right car for Road Head!

SUV’s or cars that are higher off the ground are generally better for getting road head so that no one can look down and see what is happening. When you’re in a smaller car it’s easier for a car that is taller than yours to pull up next to you and see exactly what is going on. Even this isn’t always the end of the world as you will sometimes receive a thumbs-up or a friendly honk.

2) Choose the right girl forRoad Head!

Roadhead is not always one of those things that you can plan. It can very much be a spur of the moment type thing. But let’s face it- a lot of girls would never consider giving road head. To increase your chances you are going to want to find a wild adventurous free spirited type girl. The type of girl that is so spontaneous you don’t know what she will do next.

On top of that there are size logistics to consider. The more petite a girl is the easier it will be for her to reach over the middle console and blow you. And hell, if she’s small enough she can just jump on top of you and ride your cock while you’re just sitting back and loving life in the driver’s seat (It is highly recommended you pull the car over in a safe place if things escalate to this point!)

Violet Monroe. Road head expert.

3) Don’t stop driving!

It’s a lot harder for people to notice what you are doing if you keep your car moving. And even if they do notice what is going on before they can say anything you’re already driving off. If you decide to pull over make sure it is a private safe spot where people won’t notice what is going on, but also make sure it is a semi-normal spot for a car to be parked so that no one gets suspicious.

Avoid roads with lots of stop lights as there is nothing worse than a blowjob getting interrupted every few minutes. Also, the temptation to be irresponsible and have the girl keep going while you are stopped at the light is extremely likely to take over which obviously will increase your chances of getting caught.

4) Wear the right clothes for Road Head!

I recommend athletic shorts as there is no belt and they easily slide right off. You can even keep them on and just pull them up a bit and pull your dick out through the bottom of the shorts. Either way you go about it will provide easy access for the girl as well as the flexibility to put your shorts back on quickly if needed.

Also! When you blow your load if some of the cum spills out of her mouth athletic shorts are a bit more friendly to liquid/cum then other types of clothes which brings me to my final point…

5) Cum in her mouth! 

Assuming you don’t want jizz in your vehicle or on yourself cum directly into her mouth and have the girl swallow your cum. Not only is that sexy as fuck, but this also makes for an easy cleanup that she can handle all on her own while you focus on not crashing the car during the orgasm which is usually the most distracting part of the road head experience.

If she isn’t ok with you cumming in her mouth and swallowing I would suggest you stop hanging out with spitters/quitters.

Happy Road Head everyone!

Conor Coxxx is an adult performer, producer and agent. Follow him on Twitter and for more information check out 

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