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All the Best Times Trump’s Hollywood Star Was Destroyed

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Since Trump has taken office his Hollywood Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame has been vandalized and micturated upon in all sorts of delightful ways.  Sometimes the installations were artful, sometimes brutish, and sometimes just gross.  In any case, we rounded up the best bouts of vandalism involving protests against Trump’s xenophobic policies, blatant misogyny, and wholesale treason against our country…for your viewing pleasure:

Death by Pick-Axe, or is it ‘Pickax’?


On Wednesday morning a 24-year old named Austin Clay took a pick-axe to Trump’s star and then promptly turned himself into the Beverly Hills Police Department.  What is interesting is that James Otis, the guy who last destroyed Trump’s star with a sledgehammer in 2016 is paying Clay’s $20,000 bail.   (Don’t worry Otis is the heir to an elevator manufacturing fortune so we assume he can afford it).  The last time this happened the star destroyer was charged with felony vandalism, pled no contest and paid a $4,400 fine to fix the star, and got 20 hours of community service.  Presumably, Clay will get the same punishment.  Here’s the video of the incident:

Another fun fact:  No one really knows how to write ‘Pick-Ax’.  The British media (BBC & Independent) have it as two words ‘Pick Axe’,  The Californians like LATimes, TMZ, Mashable ect. have it as one word ‘Pickaxe’, and the New Yorkers like the Times and the Post have dropped the ‘e’ for some reason and write it as ‘Pickax’.  (We are going to hyphenate and accent it…because San Francisco needs its own flavor, and because apparently there aren’t any rules anymore).  So from here forth, will spell it like this; Píc-Ax

Comedian George Lopez ‘Pee-Pees’ on the Star

When this alleged pee-pee video of comedian and whole-hearted Trump critic George Lopez came out, it caused quite a stir.  Of course Lopez is actually holding a water bottle in the video, but the bottle was blurred to make it appear as though he had micturated in public.  The Trump defenders lost their minds and called for Lopez’s head.  TMZ later released the video showing it was a water bottle the whole time, and now Lopez has a fresh story for his standup special.  End Scene.

Border Wall, Art Install

Art by Plastic Jesus

The border wall installation was created by LA-based street artist Plastic Jesus, who is one of our favorites right now.  His motto is “Stop Making Stupid People Famous”. One of my fav instagram follows.  Checkout Platic Jesus’s art installations here:  they’re all pretty great.

See? Isn’t this great? Art by Platic Jesus

Sevice Dogs Are the Best

We will follow up with @Taybuggxoxo to find out if this was, in fact, an ‘accident’.  Either way great picture and caption Taylor.

Great Graffiti

This is a classic, the international symbol for ‘mute’ painted artfully over the star.

Trump Fan Art?

When someone spray painted a swastika on Trump’s star, no one knew if it was from a Trump supporter or a protester.  Hashtag ‘Sad’.

Take a dump on trump

Photo and art by Artfinksters

Art collective ‘Artfinksters’ actually set up a golden toilet on top of the Trump star on his 100th day in office, presumably to make things easier for people when they wanted to tell the president how they felt.  The collective actually set up these golden toilets in several cities across America in protest. Check out more of their installations here.

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