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NY Follows SF & Bans Cat Declawing!

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New York became the first US State to completely ban cat declawing, finally, following cities like San Francisco and West Hollywood who have had citywide bans on the practice since 2009.  Never the less, this is a positive step in the direction of animal rights.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed a bill into law on Monday that outlaws the procedure and imposes a $1,000 fine on veterinarians who perform it all across the state of New York. Declawing will still be legal in any case where it’s medically necessary for the cat.

this is a picture of a cat wearing a tuxedo

Declawing cats can be both painful and traumatic to the animal.  Declawing is a procedure that is actually 10 separate amputations in which the last joint of every single toe gets cut off along with the nail. Declawing a cat is the equivalent of cutting a person’s fingers off at the first knuckle.  Your cat would have to be put under general anesthesia for the surgery, then there are also infection and bleeding risks afterward.  Your cat won’t be able to walk or jump for days or longer.

Perhaps worst of all, is that declawed cats must be kept indoors for the rest of their lives since they cannot defend themselves or climb for escape if need be.  So what you’re doing is taking away their natural ability to be a cat, for ever.  For more info on alternatives to cat declawing go to the San Francisco SPCA.  They have a lot of expertise on this subject, from adjusting your pet’s behavior to simply getting them a scratching post.

Thanks to these kinds of progressive steps, the entire state of California along with other states like New Jersey, West Virginia, and Rhode Island, are also considering similar bills.  The practice is already banned in many European countries.



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