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8 Gender Neutral Gifts Perfect for Anytime of Year

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Buying gifts for loved ones is a treat. You get to hit the stores, find a great present and then watch their excited faces as they open it. However, you may find yourself stuck at the first step — figuring out what they want. Here’s a tip — gender-neutral gifts are your best bet when you’re out of ideas. Their versatility makes them perfect for anyone, and they’re often suitable for everyday use. Check out eight gift ideas below that’ll suit the most significant people in your life.

1. Coffee

Coffee is akin to lifeblood for many, and if you know coffee lovers, then you can already guess what to buy. The company Bean Box offers a monthly subscription for their Seattle-based gourmet coffee. Select from light, medium and dark roasts, and you’ll have a fresh shipment in the mail in no time. There’ll be less wait time for your gift’s arrival with their local production methods. Bean Box offers roasts with citrus, chocolate and spicy notes — even your pickiest friend will find an enjoyable flavor.

2. Moleskine Notebook

You probably know some people who collect stacks of pretty notebooks. Add one more to the pile by buying your loved one a Moleskine journal, which touts itself leagues above spiral notebooks. You may wonder about its superiority — isn’t it the same as a regular spiral or paper-bound notebook? Not quite.

These are more durable due to their vinyl covers, and their sturdy spines don’t wear out from continuous writing and bending. They come with various paper types, including sketching and watercolor, so they’ll fit your artistic friends too. Plus — they look good. You can’t go wrong with a sleek aesthetic.

3. Flowers

Flowers are classic. You see them around birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and even Christmas. There’s no wrong time for a bouquet of these beauties. Although many associate blossoms with feminine wiles, they’re a treat for anyone. Send an arrangement of bold blooms such as yellow sunflowers or red snapdragons. If you want a unique look, try the hibiscus or the bird of paradise, both with extraordinary shapes. If your giftee prefers traditionality, though, stick with baby’s breath or roses.

4. Shot Glasses

Shot glasses display an air of simplicity while still being thoughtful and hilarious. Buy them with premade designs or have them inscribed with personalized wording and images. It can read your loved one’s name, an important date or an inside joke. After all, few things offer more sentiment than getting drunk while reminiscing your last group fishing trip to the lake. Or was it the swimming pool?

All jokes aside, you can use shot glasses for more than drinking. They make great measuring tools for small portions, and you can even serve appetizers in them.

5. Soap

Many people choose soaps and scents when it comes to gifting, but you can explore outside the box. Try an aromatherapy soap with a fruity fragrance, or select a soothing goat milk soap. Some companies create their bars to resemble quirky shapes like fish, famous paintings or chocolate bars. Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night is probably the last thing you expect to find in a bathroom, but it makes a stylish addition as a decorative cleanser.

6. Mugs

Your giftee will need something to drink their gourmet coffee out of, so pair the subscription with a coffee cup or two. All mugs don’t come equal, so consider elements like size, shape and design before purchasing. Your giftee may prefer cups with handles — choose a design that incorporates the handle as a fun focal piece, such as a cat or mermaid tail. Luckily, mugs come in any form you can imagine. Finding a perfect match will come naturally.

7. Reusable Infusion Bottle

Infusion bottles are fun, eco-friendly and arguably life-saving — they encourage your water-averse friends to get their daily intake of H2O. These bottles contain an inner compartment you can fill with sliced fruits, mint or ginger. Many infusion bottles are built for durability — shatterproof and leakproof — to ensure you get the most out of them. Some also feature hydration levels on the sides to measure how much you drink daily.

Fitness gurus and casual water drinkers alike can benefit from monitoring their water intake. Summer is nearly over, but hydration always matters.

8. Instant Camera

Take your friends on a blast to the past with a vintage instant camera. Some still come in that boxy old-timey style, but many modern recreations incorporate soft lines and pastel colors. No matter how they appear, they all serve the same purpose — producing charming keepsakes. Many pastel varieties hail from Fujifilm, while vintage originals come from Polaroid Originals. Within the rise of the selfie age, instant cameras merge the past with modernity.

Find an Unforgettable Gift

Your loved ones will appreciate your eye for taste with these gender-neutral gifts. Keep it simple with a monochrome color scheme or go all out with blazing hues. Anything you choose will surely bring them delight and gratitude.

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