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10 Insane Scenes From Bernie Sanders’ YUUUGE Bay Area Rally

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Image: @BernieSanders via Twitter

Bernie was in the Bay on Monday, with a Presidents’ Day rally at Richmond’s Craneway Pavilion that drew more than 10,000 Bern-feelers. The Get Out the Early Vote Rally with Bernie Sanders came just two weeks before the Super Tuesday California Primary on March 3, and if you couldn’t make it, here are some scenes of the Furries for Bernie, topless protesters, and a Medicare 4 All rap that you must hear to believe.

As @RichmondLyfe points out on Twitter, Bernie is the first major presidential candidate to visit Richmond since JFK in 1960. Danny Glover was there too, which is not surprising for a DSA-affiliated candidate rally, but still bears mentioning.

Enormously long lines wrapped around the Pavilion, which only has a capacity of 5,000, so the other 5,000 people had to watch through the windows or listen to an outside PA system.

What’s it like to be around 5,000 screaming Bernie fans when Sanders takes the stage? Check out the above video to find out!

Sanders’ speech went off on billionaire presidential candidates like Donald Trump and shadow puppet with a compound fracture Mike Bloomberg.

“The establishment is trembling right now, they’re crying on television,” Sanders told the crowd. “What they are trembling and fearful of is that working people are standing up and demanding decent wages, that all over this country people are saying health care is a right, not a privilege, that young people want a higher education without going deeply into debt.”

Furries for Bernie were also on hand, or at least one of them was.

And you absolutely must hear this fellow’s “Medicare for All” rap, rattled off while he was standing in line.

Look at the Bay Area Bingo on display here, as Bernie briefly held court with Jane Kim, DA Chesa Boudin, Sup. Hillary Ronen, Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguín, and others.

There was a topless protest that briefly disrupted the rally, similar to the one that happened in Nevada at a Sanders rally over the weekend. The is apparently a coordinated thing, and these people are protesting the dairy industry by removing their tops at Bernie Sanders speeches. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After the Richmond rally, Sanders headed off to Tacoma, Washington, where an even larger rally drew more than 17,000 people. Oh, how Donald Trump wishes he could say that. The California Primary is on March 3, 2020, and here’s our March 2020 Voter Guide.

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