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Anyone Living in SF Can Get A FREE COVID Test

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If you have COVID symptoms or believe you’ve been exposed, you can get a COVID 19 test now in San Francisco whether you have health insurance or not.  Here is a directory and map of testing sites.  All other info is bellow.


Getting a test in San Francisco

Testing is currently open for:

  • Any person living in San Francisco that has 1 symptom or has been in close contact with a positive COVID-19 person
  • Any essential or frontline worker serving the community of San Francisco regardless of symptoms or exposure

You can get a free test at a number of sites around the City or visit your healthcare provider.

You do not need medical insurance to get tested. You do not need a doctor’s note to schedule a test.

You must make an appointment. Walk-thrus or drive-thrus are available at various locations throughout the City.

The results are available 1 to 3 days.

See map of all test sites

SF testing sites available, see interactive map for detailed info here.

For people who live in San Francisco

Anyone living in San Francisco can get tested if they either:

  • Have one symptom
  • Have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the past 14 days

Symptoms of COVID-19:

  • You have a fever over 100.4° Fahrenheit or 38.0° Celsius
  • You’re shivering a lot
  • You have a cough
  • It’s hard to breathe
  • You feel tired or sore
  • You can’t smell or taste anything
  • Your throat hurts
  • Your head hurts
  • You have a runny or stuffy nose
  • You have diarrhea, feel sick to your stomach, or throw up

For essential workers

Any essential or frontline worker can get tested.

A frontline or essential worker is anyone who leaves their home for work and:

  • Interacts in person with members of the public
  • Cannot maintain social distancing at their jobs
  • Works directly with vulnerable populations (such as those who are experiencing homelessness, have serious medical conditions, or who are over age 60)

Frontline and essential workers include those who work in healthcare, public safety, food service, grocery, construction, delivery, janitorial, transit, social work, or street cleaning, among other jobs.

Workers may work for a private organization/company, a small business, a nonprofit, a public entity, or the City and County of San Francisco. Active volunteers who meet the criteria are also eligible. ​​​​​​

1. Make an appointment

You can get tested at a CityTestSF site or one of several locations in San Francisco by making an appointment.

The personal info you provide is confidential. Your test result will be reported to SFDPH, your home county health department, as well as the state.

If you shared the name of your doctor, your doctor will also get your results.

Tenderloin Pop-up Testing Site:

570 Ellis Street | Wednesday, May 20 to Sunday May 24, 10am-4pm | Thursday, May 28 to Monday June 1, 10am-4pm

Call 311 or book below. Appointments preferred, but not necessary.

State of California Testing Site:

Any SF resident is eligible, appointment only

City College Student Health Center

50 Frida Kahlo Way

To schedule a test call 1-888-634-1123 or book below

You can call 311 to schedule a test at one of the following sites if you are uninsured.

Castro Mission Testing Site

3850 17th Street | M-F: 8-5pm | S-S: 12-4pm

Maxine Hall Testing Site

1181 Golden Gate Avenue | M-F: 8-5pm

Southeast Health Center Testing Site

2401 Keith Street | M-F: 8-5pm

ZSFG Testing Site

1001 Potrero Avenue | M-F: 9-6pm

Mission Neighborhood Health Center

(Call 415-552-3870 to schedule)

Shotwell Parking Lot | 240 Shotwell Street M-F: 8-5pm

2. After your test

If you have a positive result, your home county’s public health team will call you.

This is to make sure you have the care you need. They’ll also help you safely isolate yourself at home so you don’t infect others.

They will also ask about your contacts. These are people you have been close to, like people you live with. Your contacts will have to stay quarantined until they know they aren’t sick.

If your test is negative but you still feel sick, stay at home for 72 hours after you first felt sick. But if you work with older adults or people with pre-existing health conditions, consider staying home for at least 10 days after you first felt sick.

About the test

The COVID-19 testing available detects if you have the virus at the time you take the test. It does not test for immunity or if you had the virus in the past.

If your test is negative, you must still be careful. You can still get infected.

If you test negative and have COVID-19 symptoms later, take the test again. You might have gotten infected after you took the test.

A negative on the test does not mean you are immune or cannot get coronavirus later. Continue to stay healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.

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