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Slim’s to be Replaced by ‘YOLO’ Nightclub Douchefest

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For over 30 years Slim’s hosted live music from every genre in San Francisco.  Punk, rock, R&B, to blues, jazz, folk, and rap performers played this SOMA institution.  It shut forever in March.  And now, perhaps as a sign of the times, Slim’s was bought by San Jose club owners Michael Hu and Peter Lin, this according to the SF Entertainment Commission, and reported on by KQED.

Hu and Lin run ‘Pure’ in Sunnyvale, it’s one of those ‘bottle service’ clubs, that has an all-female waitstaff wearing uniforms made up of a Vegas version of Hooter’s uniforms.  So cool bro, so fucking epic.  They literally advertised on Yelp with the tagline: “Party with the @puregirls, let us serve you tonight.”

“Party with the @puregirls, let us serve you tonight.” As advertised on Yelp.

‘YOLO’, if it ever opens, will feature DJ lineups, a dress code, and VIP booths for Chads young and old.  Slim’s opened in 1988 under Boz Scaggs, Slim’s was a pillar of live music for concert-goers of all ages in San Francisco, and hosted bands like Radiohead, Green Day, The Black Keys, along with countless other emerging talents.

We asked Slim’s neighbor, and DNA Lounge owner Jamie Zawinski what he thought about YOLO moving in, he wrote:

“It’s a tragic and disappointing headstone on Slim’s grave, but I guess it’s better than condos? At least it’s still a venue. It would have been nice if it was a business that had a chance of doing something to keep our local live music scene alive, but realistically there wasn’t much chance of that happening.

Their talk of “dress code’ and “security wearing suits” probably means that we can look forward the kind of shitshow that North Beach has been famous for. But with 200,000 dead and rising, we won’t have to worry about this new venue’s impact on our block for quite some time.

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A nightclub like ‘YOLO’ is honestly nothing new to SF, and would go largely unnoticed, if it weren’t replacing something beloved.

Anyway, we at are sure Yolo will be totally ‘lit’ bro, when it opens, most likely in 2022.

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