Trump protesters chant ‘count those votes’ in Arizona and ‘stop the count’ in Michigan, outside ballot-counting sites.

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We knew the The Trump campaign will not go quietly into the night.  Trump openly talks about not accepting the vote outcome unless he wins.  Trump protesters chant ‘count those votes’ in Arizona where he is behind, and ‘stop the count’ in Michigan where ballots are being counted from Democratic counties.  In short, Trump supporters are attempting to suppress the vote count when it suits them, and support the vote count when it suits them:

It’s not just MAGA mobs at polling stations in Arizona and Detroit,  the Trump campaign’s lawyers are filing lawsuits to stop remaining votes from being counted in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. At the same time, the president and his GOP allies are insisting that the vote counts continue in Arizona and Nevada, states where Trump has been trailing the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden.


In Arizona the demands were for more votes counted because Trump was behind, about 200 Trump fans amassed outside the Maricopa County Election Center, to chant ‘count that vote’ and ‘Fox news sucks’, because earlier in the day, Fox News had called the state for Biden.

Phoenix Election Center

It is eerily similar to the 2000 election, where Republican operatives stormed a recount site, demanding that recounting votes be stopped, and that the mob be let in to the polling center.  In the end, the Republican intimidation, and recount stalling tactics won the Election.  The recount was halted several times during the process, and the candidate whose little brother (Jeb Bush) ran the state in question (Florida), was handed the Presidency by the Supreme Court.  The court had a 5-4 vote (along political lines), and declared that time had run out to devise a remedy for all the ballot mix-ups in Florida. That stopped the recount process, with Bush ahead in the election, he became President.

2000 Recount & GOP tactics

Can anyone be surprised in 2020?  Trump has been telling anyone who would listen that he will not accept defeat in any form, democratic or otherwise.  He will cry fraud in any battleground state that he is not winning.  Despite not having any evidence of voter fraud, none.  I would like to repeat that; The Trump campaign has never produced any reputable evidence of voter fraud in the United States of America.  Ever.

Trump and his cronies will continue to accuse states of voter fraud (where they are losing), and suppress the vote count in states where they are winning.  In Nevada and Philadelphia, Republican operatives are filling lawsuits, demanding that they be let into polling stations to observe ballot counting in person. It is clear they want to stop votes being counted in Pennsylvania, and throw ballots out in Nevada.

Once again, is anyone surprised? Trump doesn’t care how he wins, he has no conscience, and of course, no proof of fraud.

Trump 2016:

As of now, Biden is ahead, but it will take days if not weeks to count all the ballots.

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