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In Rare Show of Spine, Barr Says DOJ Can’t Find Fraud to Overturn Election

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If you only pay attention to the current president’s Twitter account and Donald Trump-approved “media” outlets, you might think the election was fraught with fraud and nefarious underpinnings, and you’d think Trump may still have a shot at reclaiming his White House throne. Thankfully, we get our information elsewhere. 

In a sharp turn from the legal coddling Attorney General Bill Barr has become infamous for, he publicly said Tuesday that the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to ferret out the “widespread fraud” Trump claims is responsible for his devastating electoral loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

Barr said:

“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.”

The timing of Barr’s election integrity comments may have been influenced by news he knew would be shared later in the day, which exposed a DOJ investigation into a quid pro quo scheme aimed at a presidential pardon for an unknown individual, as discovered in court document. It’s possible Barr, who was once respected in legal circles as an institutionalist, is aware he will soon have to answer for his actions as a puppet under the Trump administration. 

Still, even as Barr upheld the results as valid, Trump and team continued to push the stolen election narrative. Trump, who has been fairly absent from the public sphere since he lost his bid for the presidency by a margin of nearly 6.9 million, took to Twitter 33 times Tuesday with intentional distraction. His posts ranged from stubborn defiance, highlights of unfounded allegations in a Michigan Senate Oversight Committee hearing (with no Democrats present) and a new Project Veritas attempt to smear CNN. 

There’s still no public indication that Trump is about to skewer Barr for not towing the line, but if past is prologue, the top law dog is not long for life in the president’s protected orbit.

In a dose of reality for those of who can process facts, Democrat lawyer Marc Elias points out that:

“Trump and his allies remain 1-39 in post-election litigation.”


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