Trump Orders Violent Treasonous Insurrection, One Woman Killed in Violent Melee

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Screenshot: CNN

President Trump told his MAGA goons “you have to show strength” and “fight” this morning, and that’s exactly what they did. In a disgusting show of violent treason, Trump specifically instigated violence in the US Capitol as Congress was certifying Joe Biden’s victory, suspending the proceedings.

UPDATE: One woman is dead. After CNN reported that a woman had been shot in the chest on the Capitol grounds early in the melee, NBC News reports that woman has died. NBC News says she was shot “by someone in law enforcement.” KUSI has identified her as Ashli Babbit of the San Diego area.

UPDATE: They have broken into Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Members of Congress have been evacuated from the Chamber and are being kept in a secret location. Holy shit, this is actually happening. 

This is obviously a developing situation! We’ll update this post as things get either better or worse.


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