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All MUNI Train Lines Back in Service May 15th!

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All the MUNI trains will be back in surface above and bellow ground starting Saturday May 15th according to MUNI!

F Market & Wharves historic streetcar making its way up Market Street from the Ferry Building to Castro.

You  may have seen ghost trains roaming around the city the past few months, mostly empty, or maybe with some Government employees on them.  Well, finally the trains above and bellow ground will be back in service, if the touristy F train.   A single adult fare is $3 if you pay cash, $2.50 if you go with Clipper.

The F line

Will operate 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. from the Wharf, with return trips from the Castro between noon and 8 p.m.

K Ingleside/T Third

K Ingleside and the T Third will once again be “interlined.” This means that the two routes will operate as one route, from Balboa Park to Sunnydale, providing subway service at all stations from Embarcadero to West Portal.

N Judah

The N Judah will return for rail service on May 15 as well. Riders will have more room and fewer pass ups as the two-car train increases the N Judah’s capacity.

J Church, L Taraval and M Ocean View

These lines will all continue to operate as they currently do, though the increased capacity on the K/T trains will soon provide even better connections for those traveling downtown or to the western neighborhoods.

The J Church will keep surface-only trains from Market Street to Balboa Park, the L Taraval will operate with buses from the Zoo to Downtown, and the M Ocean View will operate with a bus from Balboa Park to West Portal Station.

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, face masks are required by federal law in Muni stations, when purchasing a ticket and while waiting for, boarding, riding or exiting transit. For more information on upcoming Muni service, visit sfmta.com.

Key improvements for Muni Metro riders include:

  • Wi-Fi availability thanks to routers installed in stations and cellular antennas installed in the tunnels.
  • Installation of new wayfinding and directional signs at Castro and Church stations.
  • Quicker and smoother trips as a result of overhead line enhancements and rail grinding.
  • Public art at the entrance and exit at Castro and West Portal stations.

Fare Options

Adult single ride fare on Muni vehicles, good for 120 minutes of travel
MuniMobile $2.50
Clipper Card/App $2.50
Cash $3.00
Metro Ticket Machine $3.00