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94 Year-Old Asian Woman Stabbed in Tenderloin, Suspect in Custody

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94-year-old Anh Taylor, a four-decade resident of San Francisco who is of Chinese-Vietnamese descent was stabbed multiple times on Post St. near Leavenworth yesterday, in broad daylight according to SFPD.

The stabbing happened around 10:15 a.m in the Tenderloin District.  Officers responded to a 911 call and rendered aid to the woman, medics arrived to take her to a local hospital where she is expected to survive.

SFPD obtained a photo of the suspect and identified him as 35-year-old Daniel Cauich. At approximately 11:45 a.m., officers found Cauich on the 1300 block of Clay Street and arrested him without incident.  Police also found a knife on the crime scene believed to have been used in the stabbing.

The suspect was booked on charges of attempted homicide, battery with serious injury, elder abuse, and committing a felony while on bail or release. He also was charged with a bodily injury enhancement and a probation violation.

There is no robbery charge, so the suspect’s motive is currently unknown.  But it’s very difficult not to associate this with multiple other stabbings and assaults on elderly Asian Americans that have occurred in San Francisco since the pandemic began.  It is extremely unsettling, attacking the defenseless is as low as it gets. It is uncontainable that this continues in our city.

Anh Taylor’s neighbor Miranda Benvenuti told reporters she regularly visits with Taylor, she said, “It’s just sad that someone could be so cruel.”  She also commented, “violence has increased a lot in this neighborhood lately, I myself walk around with a stun gun when I’m alone.”

For more info on how to help stop Asian hate visit:

Hate crimes against Asian Americans jumped up 140% in San Francisco this past year. Assaults on the elderly have become such a problem that community members started a ‘buddy walking program‘ for elderly people so they can have someone to shield them on the streets.  What kind of a world is that to live in?

SFPD was quick to call into question why this multiple time felon was not behind bars.  He was arrested 5 times in 2020 alone for ‘multiple burglary’ charges, and still out on probation.  Something needs to be done.

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  1. Tyger
    June 17, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Really disappointing to see this lovely local news source citing the POA & not checking in with the DA’s office. Also, please remember that if a theft is under $950 it’s a misdemeanor. Also, how do we the public know what evidence was brought in this burglary charges. Furthermore, why would one think a burglar would stab a 94 year old woman. There was a case in 2016 w/Cauich & his brother, in which they were charged with the same crimes, but he must have been acquitted because he would have served time for that. Also, no where in your article do you mention that a judge, not Boudin’s office, released Cauich on an ankle monitor. Perhaps the judge hadn’t heard about the 2016 stabbing charges/incident–he should’ve known. But again, just really disappointed in this type of narrow reporting from your site.