Kat Robichaud’s New Shot-All-In-One-Take Video Is A Kinetic Joy

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Broke-Ass Stuart celebrity roaster and performer you should know Kat Robichaud has just cranked out a new six-song EP called Charade to add to her zillions of pandemic achievements, and we encourage you to drop everything and immediately watch the video for the title track “Charade”, a dizzying and delightful four-and-a-half minute trip through Chinatown’s newly restored Great Star Theater, and a technical masterpiece that was shot all in one take.

”It’s in celebration of theaters and live venues opening back up, after the hellscape we’ve been in for the last year and a half,” Kat Robichaud tells “What’s special about the music video is it was done in one single take. We have 15 people involved. So 15 people having to choreograph all of these different performers to be in specific places at specific times was quite a feat. And we also pulled this off, all the planning and everything, in one week.

“The day of, we rehearsed it all the way through like four or five times. Then we shot six times, and ended up using the very last take as the best take. Thankfully that was the best take, because that was our cut-off time, we had to get out of there.”

“It was really physically taxing on my body,” she adds. “because when you watch the video, you’ll see that I’m wearing very crazy super high-heel boots that are very painful, and I’m running for four straight minutes in them. And I had to do that about ten times in a row.

“It’s a really nice behind-the-scenes, voyeuristic video of ‘What are performers doing when they’re not onstage?’ It’s a really fun peek behind the curtain.”

Shot by Mark Semegen, the “Charade” video is packed with cameos from many of your favorite performers and choreographed by Jain Dowe of DNA Lounge’s Apothecary Raree. You’ll also spot burlesque stars Mojo DeVille, Frankie Fictitious, and Sgt Die Wies, the puppets of Dave Haaz-Baroque, drama instructor Charlie Gray, drag superstars Vanilla Meringue, KaiKai Bee Michaels, Johnny Rockitt, and Polly Amber Ross, Midtown Social vocalist Whitney Moses, Former Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2017 Qween, circus artist Nina Sawant, and Misfit Cabaret regulars Brendan Getzell and Jordan Nathan.

And yes, Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret is coming back soon with the new Halloween show Asylum that will run in both San Francisco and Seattle, plus a Christmas 2021 show, but first dibs on tickets will go to Misfit Cabaret members.

But until then, we have this entertainingly kinetic “Charade” video. “It was a wonderful reminder of why we do this, why us performers do what we do,” Kat says. “It’s a labor of love, and this interaction, sharing an energy and collaboration and ideas has just been sorely missed. It’s something we’ve been trying to do on the internet for the past year and a half. But nothing can replace live theater.”



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