How to get your Digital Vaccine QR Code

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With some 500 San Franciscan bars looking to screen for vaccine, it can’t hurt to have your “Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record” on your phone.  Most of you probably have a photo somewhere of your actual vaccine card or still have the physical card itself, but the CA Department of Health also has a digital record, attached to a QR code.

The Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record contains your name, date of birth and which vaccine you got and when, that’s it.  Literally the same information that is on your physical vaccination card.

Accessing your digital vaccine record is very easy.  All you need is your name, DOB, and either the phone number or email address that you used at the vaccination appointment.   For me it was my phone number.

This is what the form looks like:

Once submitted, if your record is found you will get a QR code for your digital vaccine record.  Your phone won’t be able to read the QR code though, the QR codes they are using are designed to be accessed through official readers/scanners.

Perhaps in future airports, bars or concert halls will have little digital qr code readers that scan your vaccine QR code and then your ticket before entry.

To get your digital record:



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