The Best META-verse Memes on the Internets

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Facebook famously rebranded this week, bringing all of its acquired properties like Instagram, Whatsapp, and  Occulus under the same umbrella brand called ‘Meta’.   A bit like what ‘Alphabet’ is to Google, only somehow much more toxic.

The ‘Meta’ promotional videos were blasted around the internet and starred Mark Zuckerberg, doing his best impression of a human being.

But by far, the most entertaining part of this corporate exercise were the memes created to lampoon the new brand:

There were many plays on the word ‘Meta’:




And perhaps the most popular:

Some people went for Acronyms:

Little Gifs showing how normal Zuckerberg appears:

There was an unsurprising amount of meta penis plays;

There were some memes playing with the logo itself:

Comparisons to other rebrands:

And Opinions about big tech in general:

If you’d like to make your own meta meme, here’s the template:

Meanwhile, there is already a company called ‘Meta’, and reportedly they are asking Facebook for $20 Million to buy the trademark from them.

“The founders of custom PC producer ‘Meta’, filed for a trademark on the name on August 23, covering computer-related goods and services, including peripherals, servers, networking equipment, notebooks, tablets, and components. This is well before any rumors of Facebook shifting to Meta materialized.”

I doubt this will slow down the “Metaverse”, Facebook made $85.9 billion in 2020…

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