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Blue Woman in a Red State : How I Can Fight for Abortion Rights

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*Warning: Strong language and some mean girl shit.

June 24th started off as any typical day for me. I am in California right now. I knew the overturning of Roe V Wade was going to most likely happen, with that fake leak and all.  But being, inherently liberal and generally altruistic in nature, and American, I didn’t think it would really happen. I knew when RBG didn’t retire while we had Obama in office – we could possibly be fucked. I also knew when Trump packed the court with 3 conservative judges, we would be fucked. And not in the good way. But, stupid me – I fell for it again.

I am not going to bombard you with examples, and cliches. Bottom line – this is about privacy, and women having the right to do with their bodies as they need. The government should not regulate that. I cannot even tell you, how complacent I have been about this. I was spoiled, and all I could think of as a privileged American, was “this couldn’t possibly happen.”

Shitheads, it did. And it will continue. We no longer live in a republic, we live in a theocracy. Where the people we elected, whether by voting but mostly by NOT voting, make decisions for our lives that literally have nothing to do with them based on these people’s belief systems.

If you believe the news as to what happens next, it’s same-sex marriage, bedroom privacy laws and again, women being treated like their say in things does not matter. Some of the precedent that 1973 Roe solidified—and are weakened by overturning Roe–  regard privacy and body autonomy. Some of the butterfly effect from Roe v Wade could be as follows:

  1. If Planned Parenthood of SE PA vs Casey is overturned, women will have to ask the man who inseminated her to give her permission to have an abortion (No, you read that right, that still doesn’t mean if the man denies the abortion he has to pay Child Support, just permission to get one, we all know this is a power play).
  2. If Loving vs Virginia goes down what happens to interracial marriage? (I am always shocked this was in 1967, much less could happen today). I notice Clarence Thomas not making a peep about this.
  3. If Griswold vs. Conneticut is overturned, then the states can make it illegal for married couples to use contraception. Only 2 states did this, and they weren’t enforced, but Christ on a cross, this was literally from 1873.
  4. If two consenting adults are having sex, who they have sex with and HOW they have sex can be up to the government. This is Lawrence vs Texas.
  5. Gay marriage in Obergefell vs Hodges; because, of course it is.

I live in the state of Tennessee 9 months out of the year and am in California (home) the rest of the time. Tennessee has a trigger ban in place that was already lifted. Meaning, the minute the Feds overturned Roe, the state was going to revert to making abortions illegal.

First off, it is ok to be upset. Many, of my sisters and allies have been sick to their stomachs at this horrid news. But, if you are Conservative – or even worse, if you are complacent – then you are part of this problem.

What can we do?

First and foremost, yes, abortion is the main focus of the whole thing. But do you ever wonder why it’s such a hot button issue? On the surface, pro-lifers say, “because killing a baby is morally wrong”. Then, pro-choicers say, “a woman has a right to not have to go through a birth,” but if we take it a step further, the bigger question is “where does this end?” A few hours after this ruling, Justice (I say this title lightly) Kavanaugh proposed bedroom non-privacy laws, also banning same-sex marriage. This is weeks after Governor Abbott of Texas tried to get a law in place to report parents of Trans kids to the police. Say goodbye to stem cell research for a bit.

We were a democracy, but now this ruling has made our country a theocracy.

I am now, at the dick-punching phase of anger.

So what do we do? I was physically ill, sick to my stomach for an hour. But then, I realized, I don’t have time to tweet and whine about this. I am now, at the dick-punching phase of anger. I am angry at conservative men who would probably kill themselves if bloody tissue came out of them for 5-7 days, but now have a say in what my daughters do with their bodies.

When I say, I am going to fix it, obviously, I alone cannot fix it. But here are the things I am going to do.

Every year, I drive through the Bible Belt to get from Tennessee to California. Besides the state I live in – I am not going to spend one penny in any of the states that have abortion bans. The route is four hours longer, but that will keep me from giving about $600 dollars in gas to Red States.

As much as it kills me, I am not going to buy things from places that are in states that are banning abortion. Like, not a red cent. Except for the state I live in. These links, can help you make your driving decisions.

How can I fight for abortion rights

So, as a Blue Woman in a Red State, I have decided to go about this the hard way. You know how recycling in your own household makes a difference? Same goes for important battles in your own state.

  1. I am not moving out of my Red State. Sorry Conservatives and Evangelical Christians, I am here to stay. My first reaction, was “I need to get my kids out of Tennessee,” I see a lot of people talking about moving to Blue States after Roe v Wade was overturned, or becoming ex-pats in another country, and I too wanted to do that before this political upheaval. Now, we are stuck because I am not going out without a fight and I mean that in the nastiest, toxically masculine way as possible.
  2. I am no longer going to be silent. Anyone who argues with me on this point will hear how I am opposed, loud and clear. Get ready for some mean girl shit.
  3. Get them in the wallet. Boycotting as many goods as I can help. I will not purchase things from Right-Wing companies who support this crap. Chick Fil-Et, Hobby Lobby (even though I am super sad about it.) Besides my state (because I HAVE to) I will try not to give a cent to companies based in Red States. This is going to be difficult, but I sure as heck needed to change banks anyway. I will be letting ya’ll know what I find in some upcoming information as things are still unfolding. Since I am not rich, I will work on concentrating what little money I do have to searching for companies that I know support body autonomy. And yes, I found out that the company I work for is a good one. The small amount of stock I owned I sold for California and New York based companies.
  4. In my state, is literally a small clinic, with big protections trying to carry the whole state of Tennessee. I love them and will fight with them on this one. Find which orgs are battling in Red States –
  5. Vote these father-fuckers out. The only way for this to work is to find out when your next local elections are and slowly cleanse the earth of these leaders your Right-Wing Neighbors are voting for. Yes, not voting helps them.
  6. Control Men’s Bodies. Ladies, If you are linked to a man who believes he needs to have a say in what you do with your health (mind and body) time to boycott his penis or put your vagina on strike until he understands that no one controls your body but you.
  7. Protests are great because it makes us feel better, and we get great pictures on social media. But if we don’t do the first 6 things, protests and rage-tweeting amount to nothing. We don’t need to know, we need to follow through. We can no longer depend on politicians, or even large institutions.
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