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What did the People at Mo Pop Festival Want Mo’ of?

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Detroit’s Mo Pop Festival, presented by AEG, was back after a 1098-day Covid hiatus. Assuredly the festival, boasting an incredibly diverse crowd and lineup while still showcasing a lot of local love, came back with even mo’ of what the people, artists, and the city want. Even with how fulfilling the 2-day concert carnival comeback was, we still had to ask the artists and attendees, “What do you want mo’ of?”. Here’s what they “told” us (aight, legit, we’re just getting really good at mind reading and body language translating):

Ashe is all about mo’ angry women to say fuck this Supreme Court bullshit!

Frontman Wavey Davey was straight shouting about how he really wants mo’ effort put into protecting (glass) animal rights.

“Mo’ beach bands”, says Beach Bunny, “for the seaside revolution that will SHOREly happen if we don’t fight the climate crisis.”

Mo’ whipping that hair back and forth (The Backseat Lovers taking a note from Willow’s songbook).

Let yourself embrace mo’ of the moments in life and have mo’ energy wash over you!

Mariah the Scientist wants no mo’ of this inequality bullshit – we need more women in STEM!

Tai Verdes wants mo’ of y’all to be A-O-K until your Last dAy oN EaRTh! <— Those are two dope Tai tracks!

Whu Else just wants mo’ sexual chocolate (and more Coming to America references).

Take mo’ time to make mo’ memories!

The Marías guitarist wants y’all to bring back mo’ retro style of music yesteryears (and mo’ biodegradable toothpicks on the market).

Is it too late for mo’ Apple protection on that iPhone? (Photo cred: Zuri McWhorter)

Tiny Jag wants y’all to tell yourself, “Let’s live life mo’ my way!” (Coincidentally ‘My Way’ is a banger from the Detroit rapper/singer/queen.)

Mo’ selfies with friends – serious, take them, you never know if you’ll have mo’ time or experience with them.

Show mo’ love. That’s it, that’s the tweet – and the sign.

Wet Leg wants you to have mo’ wet dreams, mo’ being in love, and mo’ time on the chaise lounge but no mo’ pieces of shit (and mo’ puns from titles of their songs).

Girl in Red just wants you to have mo’ of what you want whether that’s girls (consensually) or red (subjectively).

Mo’ badass girls – and horses – saying naaaaay to bad music (yup, equine pun) stated Horsegirl.

Mo’ smiles all the time!

No mo’ people like this.

Big Sean rapped to a HUGE hometown crowd about how there should be mo’ looking out for each other and having each others’ backs.

A dynamic duo reminding you to share mo’ of your h(e)art with mo’ of your friends. This year, Mo Pop took place at legendary Hart Plaza for the first time ever! (Photo cred: Zuri McWhorter)

Laura Leezy of Khruangbin is all about mo’ bangs and bass…

…and taking mo’ shots (in whichever way you desire).

“Do mo’ of whatever makes you feel mo’ guapo or bonita!”, as they flash their fresh done nails.

“Embrace mo’ types of joy coming from living that bucket hat and barricade life!”

These high (on life) festival goers just want you to put mo’ effort into taking your partying to another level! (Photo cred: Zuri McWhorter)

Dominic Fike wants you to ask mo’ questions (but fewer about being on Euphoria).

Mo’ time spent enjoying your own (daisy) world!

Camerapersons just want mo’ of the respect they deserve. Without them, you’d be seeing less.

Mo’ collective singalongs!

Mo’ elephant ear-induced happiness! (That’s funnel cake for you non-Midwesterners.)

Mo’ glittery black joy!

There’s nothing wrong with mo’ side-eye, especially when you’re so in at the Haute to Death dance dome. (Photo cred: Zuri McWhorter)

Decliner is a big supporter of mo’ lying down on the job, after all, Europe has midday naps – very post-punk of them!

Take mo’ steps to becoming better, supportive friends and point out the things you love! (Photo cred: Zuri McWhorter)

Welcome mo’ fans of all ages (and every demographic).

Get mo’ friends that will be your rock and shoulder to lean on.

Mo’ glow goes a long way to get you through your day (and we agree with the boys of Dayglow).

These lovely hunters think we need mo’ gun control and fewer dinosaurs (in congress) making decisions. (Mo Arcade powered by Offworld Arcade.)

Take mo’ opportunities to have your picture taken!

A las Marías les encantaría mo’ calor latino y representación hispana pero menos humo de escenario.

Mo’ supporting small businesses and getting crafty (as festival fancies shopped the huge craft bizarre from all local vendors)!

On a different key, Glass Animals’ keyboardist wants more people to stop confusing him for Bret McKenzie Flight of the Conchords.

Keep up on all things Mo Pop Festival and we’ll see y’all in 2023 with mo’ in store!

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