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How Stuart (& other creators) Edit Videos for FREE

Updated: Jan 06, 2023 10:04
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It’s no secret that video content is by far the most popular form of content these days. Short-form mobile video platform TikTok, was visited last year more often than Google.  The average American viewer watches videos on TikTok for 80 minutes a day, that’s more than the average time spent on Facebook and Instagram, combined.

We had a super random TikTok go viral this summer, we had no earthly idea why it got +9 Million views but it definitely woke us up to the power of posting videos and made it more of a priority.

Viral on TikTok

The insane viral potential of video content has creators rushing to prioritize making videos, and why we have started making a lot more Reels & Tiktoks this year.  And unlike in the past when Stuart had a whole video crew to follow him around like for his travel show on IFC, or the Kinda Late Show, today everyone is shooting on their iPhones and turning video content around in minutes and hours instead of weeks or months.

And HOW are they doing this?  Well, social media giants like Mr. Beast still have big teams of videographers and video editors to make their content, but if you’re a small team like us, or just an individual creator, you’re going to want a video editing platform from time to time.

Whether you’re a streamer or you’re shooting vertically for IG, TikTok and now YouTube Shorts, being able to add voice-overs, text overlays, change the playhead, detach audio, add transitions and store multiple videos is something every content creator wants.

That’s why we’re using the FREE video editing platform

Check out the video we made below!


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With we can easily work on editing a video for multiple formats (TikTok, IG, Facebook) as a team working remotely because was designed as a collaborative platform.

Oslo 101: Video Production Made Easy

Oslo 101: Getting Started With Oslo

The other really cool thing about is that if you want to learn how to use its features there are tons of video creators who have made ‘How To’ videos, so you can literally watch someone use all the features.   And since we are definitely not a team of professional film editors, we lean on content creators to show us how it’s done! is the best free video editing platform we’ve found.


This article was made possible by the fine folks at streamlabs, the makers of

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