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The Atmospheric River has a Twitter, & He’s Kind of a Dick

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Meteorologists and local news channels have been pretty creative in labeling the recent storm systems in California. We’ve seen ‘bomb cyclone’, and even ‘pineapple express’, but it looks like the media has settled on “Atmospheric River” as the dominant label for these storms.  Partly because of a certain parody twitter account.

The Twitter account called Bob The Atmospheric River or @AtmosphericBob is making headlines and apparently, Bob is kind of a dick.

Since Christmas, there have been roughly 8 different atmospheric rivers unloading onto California.  Atmospheric rivers are narrow but intense filaments of deep tropical moisture stretching thousands of miles across the Pacific.

Rain totals of 10 to 20 inches with up to 200 inches of mountain snow, and winds approaching hurricane force have accompanied the series of storms for more than 2 weeks all over California.

The atmospheric rivers were aimed at the coast like a series of meteorological slip and slides, and at least 17 deaths have been attributed to the onslaught, which has brought damaging floods, landslides, downed trees, and power outages.  It has also brought a series of tweets for an atmospheric river named ‘Bob’ who is kind of a dick, and ironically a climate change denier? He also apparently hates @karlthefog. (a twitter account in San Francisco Bay Area who tweets as the local fog).

Bob The Atmospheric River seems to have a bit of a god complex along with a need for adulation.

The state’s snow water equivalent — or the amount of water contained in the snow — was 226% of normal on Wednesday, marking a high for the date not seen in at least two decades.

The last time snowpack neared such a high on Jan. 11 was in 2005, when it was 206% of normal, according to state data.  There was more than 11ft of snow on the ground in Donner Pass on Wednesday.

What is even crazier is that there is far more atmospheric river rain in the forecast.

Stay dry out there, and if you’re bored with staying indoors, play some Bay Area Atmospheric Bingo with your friends.


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