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So, Violent Crime Is Up Under Brooke Jenkins…

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Imagine you’re a gang member in the most stereotypical sense possible. Like you’re a caricature for Fox News to scare boomers from ever stepping foot outside of the suburbs. You’re sitting in your house. There’s a gun stashed under the bed, a shoebox stuffed with roughly $6,000 in cash and a ski mask in the closet. You go to your kitchen to grab a glass of water and you step over a large pile of catalytic converters strewn randomly across the floor. You’re angry. A guy who you fronted drugs refused to pay and when you saw him, he shot twice in your direction, but missed. 

Now, street code says you’re supposed to kill him or at least hurt this man very badly. Remember, we’re role playing; you’re that  comically unnuanced vision of a criminal. You’re a dude who is well-acquainted with street life. You joined a gang at 14, your mom is an addict and your father abandoned you. You don’t really have a lot to lose and the system doesn’t make it easy to integrate into mainstream society. You’re every stereotype that you’ve ever imagined or have ever seen in a movie. You’re the central casting vision of a suburbanite thinks a gangster is. 

If you were in that life, would your decision to retaliate or to continue your criminal enterprise factor in the current district attorney?

The answer is no. 

Despite tough on crime rhetoric from politicians, district attorneys have little influence on crime rates, if any at all.

You want proof? Well, crime is up under Brooke Jenkins. You know, the woman whose induction meant that San Francisco was pursuing a zero tolerance policy when it came to crime and disorder. Well, somehow, there is more crime and disorder in San Francisco. Do you know why? Because most criminals don’t give a fuck about the district attorney. Never in the history of criminality did someone say “I would kill you, but due to the tough on crime policies enacted by Brooke Jenkins, I have decided I am no longer a criminal. I am now a man of God. Bibles over bipping! Good day, ruffians. I have scripture to read!” 

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If anyone tells you that one person has a real direct effect on crime rates, they’re a propagandist or an idiot… or both. 

According to Mission Local, violent crime, including homicide, is up. The rate of crime in general is up over 5 percent since Chesa Boudin, the former District Attorney’s ousting. 

Despite tough on crime rhetoric from politicians, district attorneys have little influence on crime rates, if any at all.

Efforts to reduce crime and disorder require a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond the rhetoric of any single individual in office. Addressing root causes such as poverty, lack of education, limited access to opportunities, and community support are crucial aspects that must be considered. These were the alternatives Chesa was trying to implement. 

Crime is a symptom of something larger, and if the root causes aren’t addressed, crime will persist. Everyone knows that, including Brooke. The true reason behind Chesa’s recall was that he was holding cops accountable for their misdeeds. Brooke’s tough on crime policies don’t appear to pertain to the police department or even security guards

So, just to summarize: crime is up, the police are now less accountable and there is no strategy for addressing the root causes that create criminals. 

Great job, San Francisco. You really knocked this out of the park. 

Just like you do with everything else. 





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