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WITCHFEST And The Enchanting World of Alameda’s Feathered Outlaw

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Last week, on the West End of Alameda, a full coven of witches gathered for the third annual WITCHFEST hosted by Feathered Outlaw. This unique gathering brought together more than 30 independent vendors specializing in magical products, as well as a diverse array of holistic and mystical practitioners, all drawing a crowd of hundreds of enthusiastic witches.

WITCHFEST 2023 was organized by Feathered Outlaw – photo by Vita Hewitt

My first time coming to WITCHFEST also marked my introduction to the enchanting world of Feathered Outlaw. The moment I stepped into the shop, I was captivated by its mystical ambiance, prompting a strong desire to delve deeper into the story of this magical establishment and the talented team responsible for its spellbinding interior.

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Lots of beautiful offerings at WITCHFEST – photo by Vita Hewitt

Feathered Outlaw’s Roots Started in Oakland

Feathered Outlaw opened in 2016 and provides an extensive selection of ritual essentials, including crystals, books, tarot and oracle decks, herbs, incense, jewelry, and self-care provisions. Their offerings extend beyond physical goods, encompassing services such as Tarot readings, Astrology consultations, Reiki healing, Psychic Mediumship sessions, Sound Healing, and Intuitive Guidance.

Marie Ortega, the owner behind Feathered Outlaw, has her roots in the Fruitvale District of Oakland, CA, where she was born and raised. Her lineage is steeped in the traditions of gifted witches and medicine women, drawing from her Indigenous and Spanish ancestors.

Beautiful crystals at the Feathered Outlaw booth during WITCHFEST – photo by Vita Hewitt

Through her physical store, Marie pays homage to her heritage by establishing a welcoming haven where people of diverse backgrounds can come together, gain knowledge, provide service, and flourish. Marie’s expertise lies predominantly in the realms of candle magic, herbal concoctions, crystal enchantment, and intuitive guidance.

In 2016, Feathered Outlaw was born with the intention of creating a space where people from all walks of life could gather, learn, serve and thrive through self-awareness and empowerment via modalities such as tarot, reiki, psychic mediumship, sound healing and so much more. The shop is a living altar to the beauty that my ancestors brought to light in their lifetime. I personally work in the realms of candle magick, herbal infusions, crystal magick and intuitive guidance,” says owner Marie Ortega.

Photo inside Feathered Outlaw – photo by Vita Hewitt

What makes Feathered Outlaw particularly unique?

Walking into the space, I was warmly welcomed by a Reiki healer who exuded gracious and radiant energy. They gave me a tour of the space and outlined all of the amazing things that the shop offers. Their deep sense of pride in being a part of the Feathered Outlaw underscored the importance of the community in driving the shop’s remarkable success. The short tour made me wonder how someone might get into tarot or energy healing if they were interested in it. 

Joining us at Feathered Outlaw for one of our classes or workshops that feature areas of your interest are a great place to start! We love facilitating growth within the healing arts sector and have some really outstanding practitioners and teachers to guide you through your self discovery journey.,” says Marie.

From Witchfest 2023 – photo by Vita Hewitt

What’s also lovely about this shop and team is that they are dedicated to fostering a community that reaches far beyond their physical space. They organize numerous outdoor events, including upcoming gatherings like Black Hat Saturday on November 25th and the Yule Market on December 16th (both can be found on their website here).

Every mystical shop has its own special energy. That said, I feel that our events and community partnerships are a huge part of what makes us unique. We offer monthly workshops, networking events, Holistic Happy Hours and host our Magickal Market once a month that typically include 25-35 indie vendors from around the Bay Area. We also partner with local non-profit events throughout the year to do fundraising within our community,” says Marie.

Herbalism and Organization in Feathered Outlaw’s shop – photo by Vita Hewitt

Marie’s Recommendations:

Before I wrapped up my interview with Marie, I couldn’t resist asking for some of their recommendations. Such as alternative healing destinations for those unable to visit Feathered Outlaw and also inquired about her preferred healing stone.

What’s your favorite stone for healing? Marie tells us, “I absolutely love Lepidolite. As a small business owner, the healing properties of Lepidolite are great for everyday use. It is a balancing stone that deals particularly well with easing stress and anxiety. It is also a powerful stone to use for tranquil sleep and to release energies from your mind, body and spirit.”

Sword and Rose was one of the booths at WITCHFEST + a Marie recommendation – photo by Vita Hewitt

Any recommendations on where someone might be able to go if unable to get over to Feathered Outlaw?Depending on what they are looking for, I would send them to one of the other local shops that I knew could cater to their specific needs. For example, for Occult needs I would direct them to the Sword and Rose in SF or for an amazing selection of ritual oils I would send them to Ancient Ways in Oakland,” recommends Marie.

Owner Marie at the front desk of Feathered Outlaw – photo by Vita Hewitt

My own initiation into the enchanting realm of Feathered Outlaw during WITHFEST left me captivated by its mystical ambiance, fueling my curiosity and getting me really excited to participate in future events and offerings. I’m very much looking forward to a Reiki and tarot session inside their beautiful space.  Feathered Outlaw prides itself on a diverse team of skilled practitioners who identify as LGBTQIA+, POC, BIPOC, and/or Indigenous, with comprehensive practitioner biographies available on their website.

Where can you find Feathered Outlaw?

Facebook: @thefeatheredoutlaw
IG: @thefeatheredoutlaw
Twitter: @FeatheredOutlaw

A friendly familiar at WITCHFEST taking a ride – photo by Vita Hewitt

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