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A Local Gift Guide Showcasing East Bay Treasures

Updated: Dec 12, 2023 08:55
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‘Tis the season once more, and we find ourselves looking for thoughtful gifts for our favorite people. Explore this gift guide featuring small businesses and local artists showcasing their work in the East Bay. We’ve uncovered unique treasures perfect for gifting while also supporting the heartbeat of our local community.

Our East Bay Gift Guide features some of our favorite small businesses. Over half of small businesses generate 25% of their annual sales during the holidays. There’s a way you can make a difference this holiday season and it may not be the way you expected or fully realized. Many of our favorite businesses rely on holiday sales each year.  This means the best way to make a difference for your favorite small businesses you love in business well into 2024 is by shopping local small businesses.

When in doubt, always ask for gift cards to some of these places. It allows them to make their numbers this holiday season while also allowing the recipient of the gift the ability to discover why this small business is so special.

Your Gift Guide Featuring East Bay Businesses we Love

Feathered Outlaw – Alameda

I met the team at Feathered Outlaw during WITCHFEST last month and was amazed by the range of products and offers they have within their beautiful space. They have another Magickal Market coming for the holidays which would be a great place to shop small businesses.

Gift recommendation from Feathered Outlaw: Amethyst Crystal

Feathered Outlaw has a beautiful range of crystals and this particular crystal is a great one for stress relief. With all of the craziness we’ve all had to go through in 2023, a healing crystal would be a wonderful gift for your favorite witchy friend.

Feathered Outlaw is a great place for ceremonial gifts

Starbread – Berkeley (with 7 locations in The Bay Area)

I’ve put a couple of bakeries in here. What’s great about Starbread is that they are a Bay Area institution that has been baking bread in The Bay since 1988. Their covetable sweet bread is a favorite. If you have to bring a gift to a family gathering or gift exchange, you’ll be the favorite person in the room.

Everyone loves baked goods! A family-run bakery since 1988, Starbread has several Bay Area locations.

Oaktown Spice Shop –Several Locations in The East Bay and now in SF, too!

There’s a reason this shop is in every gift guide I’ll write. Their spices are honestly THE BEST. If the person that you’re buying a gift for loves to cook, any of their gift boxes will make them smile. The Erbe Italiane di Lusso is my all-time favorite spice and I find myself restocking it minimally once a year in my own kitchen.

Gift recommendation from Oaktown Spice Shop – Eat Your Veggies Gift Box

Eat Your Veggies Gift box by Oaktown Spice Shop


When you’ve got a Beer Passport, everyone at the bar is your best friend, because they know you’ve got an extra round in your pocket.  It’s also the perfect way to support locally owned-venues and BAS.

Each passport contains 27 vouchers to buy one beer, and get a second beer FREE, at 27 of the finest locally-owned breweries, dives, diners, and restaurants in the East Bay. They’ve all been carefully chosen for their awesomeness.

AND THE BEST PART? IT’S ONLY $35.00! This is a great gift for the beer lover in your life!  And the best excuse to try new, great watering holes with a friend.

Check out all the great venues and get your passports right here.

Pot Pourri – Berkeley

This family business holds a treasure trove of amazing gifts. I’m the daughter of a professional potter so I’m pretty picky when it comes to handmade goods. Every item within Pot-Pourri is of the highest quality and crafted to last.

Inside Pot-Pourri in Berkeley

Mischief – Oakland

Like Pot-Pourri, Mischief is fully stocked with a variety of wonderful gifts. The main difference between the two spaces is Mishief’s inventory is a bit more whimsical. They feature art from 125+ Bay Area makers, as well as several creative workshops. The folks at Mischief are amazing people. They make sure that all of their creative workshops are accessible to those who otherwise could not participate with sliding scale tickets and even a “nominate a kid” program for full scholarships to junior level classes.

Gift recommendation from Mischief – Oakland Tribune Tower Print made by local artist Lionel’s Place

Oakland Tribune Tower Print made by local artist Lionel’s Place

Unalome Outfitters – Richmond

This small manufacturer is just getting off the ground and each bag they make is handmade by the owner. I bought the Purple Retro Sling and it came in handy during summer festivals I attended – allowing me to dance around and had all sorts of pockets for all my shtuff.  There are many thoughtful features in each of the items that Unalome makes including tons of pockets and they are made from long-lasting materials.

Gift recommendation from Unalome Outfitters – Purple Retro Sling

The Purple Retro Sling handmade by Unalome Outfitters out of Richmond, CA

It’s Your Move – Oakland

To me, the holiday season revolves around spending time with family and close friends. Some of the most cherished gifts I’ve received are puzzles and games that we can enjoy together as a family during our Christmas gatherings. We love opening up a new game and learning it as a family. If you’re wanting to find a new game to gift this season, there’s no better place to look than  It’s Your Move in Oakland. If you’re not sure about a game, they have regular game nights which are a fun way to practice before you win against all of your family members.

Gift recommendation from It’s Your Move – Puzzles from Oakland Puzzle Company

Bay Area Puzzles from Oakland Puzzle Company are available at It’s Your Move

Cone Shape Top – Oakland

If you’re looking for vinyl, you know the best part is the journey to get that new record. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the tale of how you laid your hands on it. Enter Cone Shape Top, a clandestine gem nestled in the heart of Oakland. The door, unmarked and mysterious, is only open every Friday 3-7 PM & Saturday 1-6PM. While you might not unearth every classic, the musical treasures you discover within will make the journey to find the perfect gift an amazing adventure worth sharing.

People I’ve Loved

I’m a huge fan girl of artist Carissa Potter, the designer behind People I’ve Loved. Her simple drawings and ability to connect on a human level with her art is comforting and sweet. You’ll be able to find loads of beautiful things on their website but I recommend the collabs they have done with other local businesses like her adorable dresses which were created with the help of NooWorks or the Fellow Carter Mug. On a major budget, there are some FREE downloads like this Comforting thoughts fortune teller on their website which are fun things to include inside a Christmas card.

Gift recommendation from People I’ve Loved: The Fellow Carter Mug “Affirmations for a better future

A Fellow Carter Mug designed by People I’ve Loved

Far West CiderRichmond

My introduction to Far West Cider was through their Guava-flavored cider at Degree’s Plato in Oakland called “You Guava Be Kidding Me”. I later stumbled upon them at the Walnut Creek farmers market, allowing me to sample their array of flavors. Everything they craft is unbelievably delicious and they’ve been my favorite local cider company ever since.

Favor – an East Bay Gift Shop featuring adorable jewelry and some home goods featuring Hot Cakes Design

More Places we Love in The East Bay For Great Gifts This Holiday Season:

Ramsess Art Garden – Oakland
an oasis for lovers of plants, music, design, magic and art.

Favor – Berkeley
Adorable jewelry and some home goods featuring Hot Cakes Design

Fern’s Garden – Berkeley
A fair trade gift shop in Berkeley with a plethora of beautiful gifts for everyone on your list

Annie’s Annuals – Richmond
This is the best (maybe even the biggest) nursery in The East Bay. Right now you can get a Gift Card for 15% off during the holidays.

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery – Berkeley
While not on their website, their location offers several giftable items like handmade pottery from local artists and more.

Wright & Brown – Oakland
Award-winning spirits and mixers made in Oakland

Masse’s Pastries – Berkeley
If you ever need to know what the best bakery is in all of the East Bay… Masse’s. Go there for a cake to bring to a family event or just put this in your rolladex for that birthday coming up because their cakes are legit the BEST hands down.

Adorable gifts of all price points can be found at Oakland’s Mischief.

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