16 Feb 2024

The Power of Community vs Crime in Oakland

It was 7 years ago that I wrote my first article for Broke-Ass Stuart around my transition from SF to Oakland. And I thought at first I’d write a long list of the differences I’ve noticed between the two iconic Bay Area cities. The primary distinction between residing in Oakland

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05 Jan 2024

Baruch Porras-Hernandez: Spreading Laughter & Uplifting Community

A living, breathing cyclone of creativity and sharp wit resides in San Francisco. He draws artists to him, and then uplifts them in community. His name is Baruch Porras-Hernandez. If you haven’t been to see one of his curated shows, you most definitely should. Baruch is a writer, performer, organizer,

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22 Dec 2023

Clinic by the Bay Opens a New FREE Clinic in SF Thanks to Community Generosity

Clinic by the Bay, one of only two free clinics in San Francisco, has a new beautiful location. Thanks to 5.3 million dollars in donations, the clinic has relocated to a stunning historic building, formerly Alemany Hospital. The new facility, situated just a few steps from its original location. A

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22 Sep 2023

Hip Hop Fairyland: A Celebration of Music & Community

This Sunday, September 24th, Oakland’s beloved Fairyland will host “Hip Hop Fairyland & the Healthy Dragon” bringing together the East Bay’s love for hip hop and community. Celebrate 50 golden years of hip hop at this special event. It’s packed with local legends such as interactive workshops and performances by

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Cast iron skillet.
14 Aug 2023

How Cast Iron Skillets Taught Me About Loneliness And Community

BY LAUREN PARKER I spent quarantine capturing and rehabilitating street corner cast iron.  I live in a part of Oakland where the curbside economy is thriving. Between freegans, moving dumps, and shops unloading inventory, there’s an understanding that what shows up on the corner is for grabs and, when you’re

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50% off New Glasses + Free Shipping!

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
A cake and a rock.
01 May 2023

Beloved Castro District Queer Community Center Turns 40

Fans of San Francisco’s legacy businesses, be they on the roster or not, have reason to rejoice this spring. The Castro Country Club, a sober living and resource center on 18th Street, turns 40 this May. On Sunday, May 7, the nonprofit will throw its own birthday bash at the

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24 Jan 2023

What are Those Boxes Under MUNI Seats For?

Ever wonder why there’s a metal box in the way when you try to tuck your feet under your seat? It’s the one beneath those side-facing, longitudinal seats. There’s a window on the front-right panel, a gauge to assess the volume of its content from outside. When I find myself

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20 Dec 2022

MUNI To Make Long Overdue Improvements

Over the next eighteen months, San Francisco plans to eliminate parking spots blocking almost 1,200 MUNI stops. SFMTA Board of Directors determined each stop should have twenty feet of clearance or more for boarding. At certain stops across the city, riders must sometimes squeeze between parked cars to board a

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