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12 Sep 2017

Non-Profit of the Month: Hamilton Families Fights For Homeless Children

There are few people in SF who have been untouched by the housing crisis. From budding artists to retirees, while we hear a great deal about the many adults who have been forced to relocate as prices rise, there isn’t as much noise about the impact to children and families.

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14 Mar 2017

Broadway’s First All Female Production Comes to SF

In a crumbling one-room shack in war-torn Liberia, three women huddle around a massive biography of Bill Clinton. One of them – the only one who’s literate – reads carefully aloud, pausing after sounding out the name “Monica Lewinsky.” There is momentary confusion until one of the women concludes the

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19 Jul 2023

The East Bay Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the 2023-2024 East Bay Beer Passport! There’s no better way to explore the East Bay than to literally drink it in. Each passport contains 27 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 27 of the finest locally owned breweries,

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06 Jan 2017

Kicking off 2017 on a Very, Very High Note at the SF Symphony

I’ve always believed that, if you can’t guarantee that something is going to be good, you should do your best to make sure it’s at least funny. Thus, my one and only goal for 2017 was: more funny things. So, when I was offered to tickets to see Jane Krakowski

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23 Nov 2016

Support Planned Parenthood & Standing Rock with the Orphans Music Festival

OFF MENU IS SPONSORED BY BENDER’S BECAUSE THEY ARE BADASS. DROP BY AND MAKE SOME BAD DECISIONS WITH SOME GOOD PEOPLE! This Thanksgiving weekend, while the rest of America is stumbling around a Black Friday sale in a food coma, some of the West Coast’s most prolific post-punk and experimental bands will get

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04 Aug 2016

10+ Bands Not To Miss At Outside Lands

So against your better judgement, you’ve decided to postpone doing laundry for yet another week and you’re going to Outside Lands instead. As usual, the festival has done a stellar job of pulling in headliners. But they’ve also offered enough variety to guarantee that you and your friends will argue

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07 Jun 2016

Dancin & Drinkin at the Good Ol’ Boom Boom Room

The Boom Boom Room is one of those small SF clubs that define so much of the city’s musical character. It routinely hosts bluesy, funky shows that erupt into uninhibited and elaborate dance parties – made up of people who actually know how to dance

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15 Feb 2016

Why Some Feminists Won’t Back Hillary

  “‘I can still be a feminist if I don’t vote for a woman’ sounds dumb,” said Stella, a 30-year old law student from Philadelphia. And yet from the moment the media realized that “Bernie Bros” had a whole bunch of lady counterparts, it’s a point that millennial females have

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01 Oct 2015

Why Americans Don’t Know How to Feel About Technology

There’s a large discrepancy between American opinions on technology. 25% of those surveyed said they would like a chip implanted in their brain to access the internet.

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