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At The End Of Your Rope On A Monday?

Ever find yourself in Clinton Hill on a Monday night? That was precisely the situation I found myself in the other night when a sandwich board on the sidewalk told me about some seriously magical shit happening inside of the building it was in front of. Specifically, this place was Rope and the magical shit was $1 PBRs all night. I was sold. I would have gone in for that deal even if the place was full of frat boys. But Rope is a solid bar. Ample seating, a sweet backyard and a good selection all nestled in an artsy yet unpretentious decor. (Adding to the artsiness, it is often populated by art students due to its proximity to Pratt.)

Shakin it up like Ric Ocasek. Dont worry, they dont do this to PBR.

Shakin' it up like Ric Ocasek. Don't worry, they don't do this to PBR.

Rope also does $3 Guinness all day on Thursdays and a $6 Jim Beam shot/bottle of Bud daily mainstay. There is also a trivia night on the first Tuesday of every month. While it does cost $2 to play, the prize list boasts shots, bar tabs and cash. They also sell DUB pies if you’re hungry. If you’re in the neighborhood, this place is definitely worth checking out, especially if you happen to be around on a Monday.

415 Myrtle Ave. (btwn. Clinton and Vanderbilt)
hours: 5:30pm to 4am everyday
subway: G to Clinton-Washington

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Joe Petersen - Classist Columnist

Joe Petersen - Classist Columnist

Joe grew up in South San Francisco, spent a decade in Santa Cruz, and
relocated to Brooklyn in late 2008. He has been a waiter, a maintenance
man, a record store clerk, a professional radio DJ, an amateur
newcaster and a movie theater popcorn-slinger. Being broke is his
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