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29 Jan 2024

Have Y’all Ever Been to San Francisco’s Mount Olympus?

For those who have never heard of Ashbury Heights, a literally lofty micro neighborhood above Cole Valley, don’t worry: You’re one thousand percent not alone. Possibly just to appease property developers, possibly because it has actually been a Thing for a long time, the small area at the bottom of

27 Oct 2023

Unveiling Eerie True Tales With The Haunted Bay in SF

We’ve discussed this… I’m a scaredy cat and I even get pretty jumpy inside not-so-scary haunted houses. However, I love a great ghost story and The Haunted Bay knows of most all of the ghosts hidden in the dark corners here. Haunted Bay is the brainchild of Ying Liu who

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24 Aug 2023

Amazing Art Structures Being Built at Burning Man 2023

While most people arrive on the Playa after everything is already built, most of the artists have been hauling, digging, hammering, strapping, sawing, and polishing in the dust (and rain) for weeks now, moving thousands of pounds of steel, glass, timber, (and elbow grease) onto a prehistoric lake bed in

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 0
09 Aug 2023

Sylvester: The (Un)sung Icon of 70’s San Francisco

Before Sylvester (whom we’ll rotate between using they/him/Sylvester as the late artist would do) made their splash and ultimate legacy in the LGBTQ community (then in San Francisco, then the world), he was born into a sizable, and supportive family in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. Surrounded by the

Curtis Conrad Schabath 0
02 Jun 2023

The Infamous Cult House in Tomales Bay, Turning into a Luxury Hotel

A few years ago, I ventured into the mysterious depths of Marin County’s history when a friend convinced me to join them on an exploration of an abandoned cult house – once owned and operated by a now-defunct cult. Little did I know that in the upcoming fall of 2023,

Katy Atchison 0
02 Jun 2023

This Oakland Dive Bar Has a Ghost

During an interview with Shari Murphy, the owner of Baggy’s by The Lake, for an article about women bar owners in Oakland, a spooky story emerged – the bar is actually haunted. Intrigued by this information, further paranormal research had to be conducted, obviously. The Origin of Baggy’s Ghost Baggy’s,

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19 May 2023

Oakland Creates Tupac Shakur Way to Honor a Legend

Tupac Shakur Way is Oakland’s newest street. With a unanimous vote this past Tuesday, Oakland approved a commemorative plaque which will rename a stretch of McArthur after the late Shakur who passed away at just 25 years of age. The West Coast emcee claimed that Oakland was where he “learned

Katy Atchison 0
27 Apr 2023

Ice Cream Cone Shaped UFO’s in the Bay Area

On February 9, 1950, the San Francisco Examiner reported on what appeared to be a “flying ice cream cone” over the Alameda Naval Air Station. From different parts of the station, at least five civilians and two officers reported seeing a large vapor substance traveling at a high speed across the station, heading south. It was shaped like an ice cream cone.

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