29 Dec 2022

Our 10 Most Read Articles of 2022

2022 is coming to a close, so let’s take a look back at a year of journalism with our most-read articles in each category on

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09 Dec 2022

How Stuart (& other creators) Edit Videos for FREE

Easily work on editing a video for multiple formats (TikTok, IG, Facebook,YouTube) with collaborators, remotely, at the same time.

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05 Nov 2022

What Really Happened at DNA Lounge on Halloween?

On the evening of November 3rd Kron 4 ran the story “VIDEO: Woman put in chokehold by security guard at SF nightclub“.  If the Kron4 video below does not render, you can watch the entire video and read about it here at Kron 4 VIDEO Coverage: Below is the

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26 Oct 2022

The SF Leonard Cohen Festival Will Be Pure Magic!

The 2022 San Francisco Leonard Cohen Festival Presented by Conspiracy of Beards Will Be Presented November 4, 5, and 6 at The Lost Church and Balboa Theater  Presented each November by San Francisco’s Conspiracy of Beards, a choir of men that sing the songs of Leonard Cohen, the San Francisco

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14 Oct 2022

The Beautiful Freaks at Stuart’s 20th

Last night there was a party. A party of freaks, geeks, and artists.  A dance floor full of burlesque dancers, bartenders, and buskers.   A crowd of cacophonists, comedians, cooks, clowns, caterers, and commies.  Politicians, perverts, queers, teachers, writers, progressives, punks and every kind of beautiful San Franciscan one could hope

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11 Aug 2022

VIDEO: Visiting Anchor Brewery & Discovering SF History

We got to check out the centuries-old craft brewing traditions, and get a taste of San Francisco history, not to mention taste all kinds of great new Anchor beers.

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19 Jul 2022

Why San Francisco Is The Best Place To Watch Movies.

This may be a strange way to start an article about the joy of watching movies, but I’m not a film buff. I’m big into music, videos games and books, but I tend to fidget when watching a feature film. Whenever someone would invite me to go to a movie

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard pose for a photograph at a celebrity event.
01 Jun 2022

How My Opinion of Johnny Depp Changed

A combination of bias, skepticism, and personal experience blended with a highly manipulated internet algorithm had instilled in me a false sense of having come to my own conclusion.

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