Workers Rights

01 May 2020

Bots are Stealing Food Orders on Instacart and Hurting Undocumented Workers

Instacart workers are on strike for May 1 today, along with frontline workers at Amazon, Whole Foods, and other delivery retailers. One reason Instacart workers are striking, is the heartbreaking exploitation of undocumented workers, bagged into a new exploit on that grocery delivery app. According to a report from TechCrunch,

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30 Apr 2020

Essential Worker Strikes Planned at Amazon, Instacart, Walmart for May Day

Essential Worker Strikes Planned at Amazon, Instacart, Wallmart for May Day, it is unclear if business will be disrupted and to what degree

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28 Apr 2020

EDD Site Crashes as CA Self-Employed Try to File

Unemployment benefits have not been available self-employed people since the pandemic started. Naturally millions of Californians are poor, panicked, and pissed-off. Not just because it took 2 months to offer them help, but because the EDD site keeps crashing, now at the eleventh hour. Rent is due at the end of the month.

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28 Apr 2020

IRS Stimulus Website Finally Fixed…..Probably

Like millions of other Americans I’ve been waiting for weeks to get my $1200 stimulus check. While everyone in my apartment received theirs two weeks ago, every time I logged into the “Get My Payment” part of the IRS website, it said “Payment Status Not Available”. Get My Payment was

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26 Apr 2020

Oakland Educators Discuss Joining Upcoming Rent Strike

Educators in Oakland met in an electronic town hall on Saturday, April 25, to discuss a raft of problems caused in large measure by the novel coronavirus. Around 80 faculty, staff and community members chatted via Zoom in a conference organized by the Oakland Education Association to organize participation in

20 Apr 2020

Unemployment Benefits for Gig Workers & Self-Employed Delayed at Least 2 Weeks

Millions of gig workers, self-employed people, and independent contractors have lost their livelihoods due to this pandemic, yet they don’t qualify for traditional unemployment benefits because they don’t work traditional jobs. As someone who works for themselves and whose business has been decimated by this pandemic, I’ve been thirstily awaiting

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16 Apr 2020

Whole Foods Now Checking Temperatures of Employees

Whole Foods Market has instituted a policy that sees all employees having their temperatures taken before they start their shifts.  If employees have a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees, they are asked to go home.  Grocery store employees are also asked to wear masks throughout there shifts. A grocer who

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16 Apr 2020

How to Behave in Grocery Stores According to Grocery Workers

The rules and sanitation standards are constantly being updated in your neighborhood grocery stores during the COVID pandemic.  Knowing your store’s rules and safety practices will help you stay safe, and help keep our grocery store workers safer, while they keep the country supplied.  For the official COVID safety practices

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