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13 Dec 2023

The Best 🎁 You Can Give Me for My Bday

It’s crazy to think that, at this point, I’ve been doing Broke-Ass Stuart for almost half my life. In that time it’s been A LOT of things: a couple zines, 3 books, a travel TV show on IFC, and oodles of fun projects and web series. And of course, there’s always

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16 Nov 2023

Protestor in Giant Turd Costume Joins SF BEI Hotel Picket Line

A protestor in a giant turd costume joined the picketing workers at the BEI Hotel on the fourth day of their Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike. The union says that at least four workers have suffered diarrhea, stomach pain, or other symptoms of food poisoning since the hotel unilaterally laid off its cooks and outsourced cafeteria meals.

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15 Nov 2023

California Scientists’ Union Calls First-Ever State Employee Strike!

The California scientists who keep our wildlife safe, our fisheries secure, and our environment clean are finally fed up with Gavin Newsom and the paltry pay they’ve received over the years.  California’s most precious asset is its environmental beauty, and its incredible natural ecosystem.  Something the State has been taking

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01 Nov 2023

This is How Hard it is to Open a Small Business in San Francisco

By Sophie Robbie, written with Jetta Rae Robertson To live in San Francisco is to subject yourself to some pretty absurd questions. What kind of person tries to rent half a staircase for $900? How is that legal? How desperate would you have to be to make that offer? Also…could

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26 Oct 2023

Georgia’s Lt. Gov Wants to Pay Teachers $10k to Carry Guns at School

Meanwhile, actual Georgia teachers ranked allowing non-officers to carry guns as their least preferred school safety measure.

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05 Oct 2023

Broke-Ass Stuart Won Best Online Personality in the Bay!

Best of the Bay 2023: City Living Winner! We’d like to thank everyone who voted for in the Best of the bay Reader’s Poll, and our friends at 48 Hills for nominating us!  If you’d like to rub elbows with the fine folks of 48hills and lots of the

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28 Sep 2023

Investing in the Future: Why SF’s School Salary Negotiations Matter to All

In San Francisco, a not so quiet battle is unfolding that has far-reaching implications for everyone, regardless of whether you have children. The salary negotiations for the San Francisco Unified School District may seem like a localized issue, but they hold the power to shape the city’s future, impact its

15 Aug 2023

Dozens of SF Cops Making $200K-$300K just in ‘Overtime Pay’

There is a police officer in SF who made $356,000 dollars last year just in “overtime pay”, and he’s not the Chief of Police, he’s a Sergeant in the Richmond District.  He made a total of $587,000 in the 2022/23 fiscal year, and he’s not much of an anomaly, there

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