18 Jul 2022

What to Expect from the “Stranger Things” & “Bridgerton” Experiences

If you’re like me, the Stranger Things and/or Bridgerton “experiences” were heavily advertised to you on social media and probably piqued your curiosity. Co-produced by Netflix and Fever, they have certainly created a ripple in post-pandemic San Francisco, where people are thirsty to get off their couches and actually do

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18 Jul 2022

By Appointing Brooke Jenkins, Mayor Breed is the Real Winner of the Boudin Recall

By Ian Firstenberg In a year, Mayor London Breed has effectively insulated herself and consolidated her political power through a series of influential appointments, most recently appointing Brooke Jenkins to succeed the recently recalled Chesa Boudin. Jenkins, the face of the Boudin recall, was sworn in as San Francisco’s new

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15 Jul 2022

70,000 Truckers in Legal Limbo: Protest Planned

On Monday July 18th, local truckers plan to protest a recent Supreme Court decision that impacts over 70,000 truckers who operate within California. Last month, on June 30th, The Supreme Court denied The California Trucking Association’s petition for a hearing over the state’s Assembly Bill 5 (commonly known as AB5).

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Chef Davis of Burdell
15 Jul 2022

This Oakland Chef is Rewriting What American Food is

Geoff Davis is challenging our idea of what we think American Food is with his new restaurant Burdell; featuring modern soul food. Davis has been in the industry for over 15 years and has worked for many high-end restaurants such as Aqua, Fifth Floor, Cyrus in Healdsburg, and was the

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14 Jul 2022

Feminist punks raged against the Supreme Court at Oakland’s Mosswood Meltdown

By: Lydia Sviatoslavsky, Lisa Hix Oakland’s Mosswood Meltdown returned to Mosswood Park with a shiver this year, cloaked in a bizarre July chill. Given the gloom, the ongoing pandemic, gun violence and political turmoil, the collective gathering on Saturday and Sunday for the sake of punk and its subversive thrust felt a

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14 Jul 2022

4 Things That Will Straight Up Piss Your Server Off

There are a few ways that you may inadvertently upset your server without even knowing it, so try not to do these four things.

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14 Jul 2022

San Francisco’s ‘Obama’ French Dip Sandwich

LITTLE FRENCH PIGGY SANDWICH REVIEWS: At least once a week I take a walk or ride my bike to a different San Francisco eatery for lunch.  I’ve been doing this on and off for about 15 years now. The only rules are that the place must be locally owned AND must feed a full-sized, french piggy for under $20.

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The blue awning of San Francisco City Clinic, located at 356 7th Street in the South of Market neighborhood.
12 Jul 2022

Why I Love SF City Clinic

SF City Clinic knows you’re a competent, sexually active person. If you aren’t, they’ll kindly show you how to change that. Angelic humans work there. Where public education dropped the ball on sexual education, City Clinic picks it up. They anticipate your awkwardness, gently encouraging you to ask about anything.

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