09 Apr 2024

Did You Know The Bay Area Has Its Own Superhero?

Since the pandemic, a lot of rightwing pundits have compared San Francisco and Oakland to Gotham City, and these comparisons are meant to disparage the Bay Area. But what if we’re like Gotham in a good way? What if our streets are patrolled by actual superheroes? Not rich guys with

Abraham Woodliff - Bay Area Memelord 0
08 Apr 2024

Bring Back Trespassing, For San Francisco’s Sake

The #sfdoomloop is a media dogpile that feels at times like a character assassination. The story going around is the city is dead or dying. With local politicians vying for tech and other profitable industries to (re)invest, it seems that way. Tech is never coming back, and these uninspired bids

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04 Apr 2024

The SF Standard’s Editor-in-Chief is Stepping Down

Julie Makinen, the editor-in-chief of the San Francisco Standard is leaving the paper effective April 12th. Makinen wrote on her twitter/X @Julie_Makinen, April 1st: “Some personal news: I’m stepping down from the @sfstandard, effective April 12, to devote time to my family, including my mom who is in hospice. I

26 Mar 2024

Dean Preston Fights To Get A Grocery Store In The Tenderloin

The Tenderloin is a densely populated neighborhood of roughly 25,000 residents. For many people down on their luck, the Tenderloin is one of the few communities in the Bay Area where they are allowed to exist. Yet despite the size of the neighborhood, the Tenderloin lacks what many more affluent

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21 Mar 2024

We Be Sushi Closes Original Location, Following Many on Valencia St.

After 36 years of slicing, dicing, and serving the Mission District of San Francisco, the original We Be Sushi at 1071 Valencia St at 22nd has closed.    Chef Andy Tonozuka told Mission Local the reasons are “mainly the slow business, and another one is I’m 74 now, and I got sciatic nerve pain”.

A person.
18 Mar 2024

Bay Area Protesters Ask for Financial Relief

There are many legitimate points to be made about seeking solutions to societal problems through spending money, yet until the dawn of that dollar-free day there also many legitimate ways to funnel resources to those in need with whatever dough one can spare. In that spirit, the Bay Area finds

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11 Mar 2024

Dune 2 Is The Movie The U.S. Deserves

When the United States carpet bombed Northern Cambodia, an area Henry Kissinger determined was wise to hit so as to destabilize shipping routs for Vietnamese militants, the country inadvertently gave birth to the Khmer Rouge. Historian Greg Grandin, as documented in The Good Die Young: The Verdict on Henry Kissinger, writes that

07 Mar 2024

Initial Voting Results for SF Propositions

March 5, 2024 Preliminary Election Results via – sfelections.org Current number of ballots counted: 104,760 Voter registration total: 500,856 Current voter turnout: 20.92% Approximate number of ballots left to count: 111,000 Progressives will likely be ousted from control of the powerful Democratic Central County Committee and are losing badly on