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19 Oct 2023

Halloween Costume Etiquette this Year

Halloween costumes can be fun, creative, meaningful, and/or festive. Halloween costumes also come with some caveats and the notion that what we wear and what others wear is a two-way street. 

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11 Oct 2023

How to Decorate Your Home For Halloween…Safely

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year for many people. However, an appreciable swath of the population say Halloween is where it’s at, especially as it gives opportunities for ingenious souls to indulge their creative passions, particularly when it comes to decorating.

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02 Oct 2023

Getting Sober in the Bay Area Has Never Been Easier

As is paramount, let’s start by saying your writer here is not a substance abuse counselor nor a medical professional. This is just my experience and my opinion about something I’ve found critical in my own life over the last decade: Finding a life outside of alcohol and most drugs.

07 Sep 2023

Mexico’s Supreme Court Decriminalizes Abortion Nationwide

In a groundbreaking decision, Mexico’s Supreme Court has overturned all federal criminal penalties for abortion, declaring that national laws prohibiting the procedure are unconstitutional and infringe upon women’s rights. This sweeping ruling aligns with the growing trend in Latin America to expand access to abortion services. The high court has

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07 Sep 2023

56 Kilos of Fentanyl Seized in SF Tenderloin this Summer

Local and state law enforcement have seized over 100 kilos of narcotics in the Tenderloin and SOMA over the last three months – including over 56 kilos of fentanyl, according to the San Francisco Mayor’s office. To put this in perspective, one kilo of fentanyl is roughly equivalent to 500,000

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16 Aug 2023

An “Adult Toy” Shaped Like Coit Tower? Yes Really.

Since so many people are saying “screw San Francisco” these days, we figured we’d help them do it.

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Cast iron skillet.
14 Aug 2023

How Cast Iron Skillets Taught Me About Loneliness And Community

BY LAUREN PARKER I spent quarantine capturing and rehabilitating street corner cast iron.  I live in a part of Oakland where the curbside economy is thriving. Between freegans, moving dumps, and shops unloading inventory, there’s an understanding that what shows up on the corner is for grabs and, when you’re

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10 Aug 2023

How To Lose at Bocce Ball (but really win)

On a sunny day at the Joe DiMaggio Bocce Ball courts in North Beach, Stuart and I decided to try our hand at the classic Italian game known as Bocce Volo.

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