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18 Apr 2022

Yes, Hot Box Yoga is Exactly What it Sounds Like

“We just formalized what was happening anyway,” says founder and yoga teacher, Steve23. “People thought they were being sly by smoking on the street before coming to class, but you could tell they were high, so now we have a class where we partake together.”

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15 Apr 2022

What To Do If You Have Been Falsely Accused of Abuse In A Court of Law

Firstly:  Litigious Abuse Happens More than You Think   Have you ever had to endure the pain of being mischaracterized in a court of law or know anyone who has? From the wrinkles to the hundreds of frustrating nights awake, crying, screaming into your pillow, at the malarkey of it all,

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08 Apr 2022

How to know if you might be suffering from Covid PTSD

It’s been 2 years of masks, distancing, stress, anxiety, and shifting the way we live our lives. Some of us still worry and have anxiety every moment of every day if simple everyday activities like going to the grocery store were safe or if you’d get Covid just by trying

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07 Apr 2022

Awesome Outdoor Fun to Be Had During Climate Action Month

Let’s face it.  With all of the negative news headlines, the world has felt overwhelming lately. But there’s some good news, too!  It’s a well-known fact that taking action is good for our mental health, and just when we need it most, the City of San Francisco has made it

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29 Mar 2022

Life In Southern California From A Bay Area Native’s Perspective

Written By Sabrina Monet: I never felt comfortable waiting for the ferry back to Vallejo. The crowds were too much. I would rather hang out at ACME bakery or somewhere similar. I’d even risk missing the ferry all together to prolong the delusion that I wasn’t just another person in

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25 Mar 2022

How an obsession with being “cool” makes us creatively powerless

This article is not a scholarly look at “cool.” As an active musician and a personal coach to creatives, I have a very different concern: how the obsession with cool makes us creatively impotent. And more importantly, what can we do to feel our joy again. Much has been said

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21 Mar 2022

A Yoga Studio Used My Blackness to Lie About Diversity

By Naomi Bradley When I started yoga teacher training, I hoped my presence in the predominantly white space would help Black women feel more comfortable participating in it. But I never anticipated my body would be used as a marketing tool for the studio I trained with. Throughout the training,

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17 Mar 2022

CA COVID Rent Assistance Program Applications Due March 31st!

There is help out there for millions of Californians still struggling to catch their financial breath after 2 years of pandemic, but navigating the resources can be time-consuming and confusing.  All the info and links you need for the California COVID-19 Rent Relief Program are below. The CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Program, which helps

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