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28 Dec 2020

Expect Strict Stay at home Orders to Continue in Bay Area & California

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s regional stay-at-home order for Southern California was scheduled to expire today (Monday), but with regional intensive care unit capacity officially considered to be ‘zero’, he announced the order will almost assuredly be extended. California recently topped 2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases on Christmas Eve, and the worst

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22 Dec 2020

I Want the World to be Better Than it is Right Now

I want to walk through our thoroughfares en masse, in unison, in celebration of something — anything — instead of in protest. I want to hold hands with a stranger while we do this, just because it feels right.

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14 Dec 2020

Top 3 Issues Tenants are Dealing with During Covid-19

Ask a Tenants Right’s Lawyer is your chance to learn how to survive as a renter in San Francisco. Attorney Daniel Wayne has a lot of the information you need to keep you in your home. This week’s topic: you guessed it – Covid-19 for renters. Got a question? Send

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11 Dec 2020

Netflix Offerings to Keep You Sane During Shelter-in-Place

Netflix helps make the last few weeks of this general trash fire of a year more bearable with some highly anticipated titles.  Shonda Rhimes’ first series for Netflix offers her spin on Regency England period romance…which means something far different than wall-to-wall white people. Ryan Murphy brings on the star

11 Dec 2020

A Gift Guide Full of Things Made by Out of Work Performers

The live entertainment industry has been hit especially hard by the pandemic. This time of year, most performers are double and triple booked, but with shelter-in-place orders, everyone is staying home and staying safe. Many artists have adapted to alternative means of income this season, utilizing all of their creativity

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10 Dec 2020

CJM Announces New, Paid, Artist in Residency Program

If you know a local artist who could use some dope studio space, a chunk of extra income, and the opportunity to display their work in a world class museum, send them this!

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10 Dec 2020

Many Unemployed Californians Could Have to Repay Part of Pandemic Benefits

If you or someone you love is collecting unemployment, remind them that the deadline to submit 2019 income documents is December 11th.  Nearly a million Californians who received Pandemic Unemployment Assistance have been told they might have to repay some of their benefits if they can’t document the 2019 income

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07 Dec 2020

How We Can All Help Prevent Drug Overdoses

San Francisco’s overdose death numbers are rising steadily and it’s still the same folks who have historically been impacted: People experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty; people living in supportive housing; people hardest hit by gentrification and displacement; Black and Latinx folks; immigrants; queer and trans people; people experiencing high rates of trauma, illness, and stress. The structures that exist to provide care systematically exclude and harm these folks, and overdose risk increases the more these identities and experiences intersect.

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