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27 Jul 2023

A Big Apartment Building Just for Teachers is Opening in the Mission!

A big ol’ buildin’, just for teachers has finally got approval AND funding in the Mission District. The nonprofit Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) secured the $12 million it needed to build some 63 affordable educator condominiums at the 2205 Mission St. site. That funding came through the Mayor’s Office

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24 Jul 2023

Here’s Where to Start Surfing in NorCal Before The Apocalypse

As the world gets hotter and hotter each year, tides rising quick enough to make Kevin Costner’s Waterworld-ass head spin, it’s hard to see any silver linings. That’s because there aren’t any silver linings. Not sure Joan Didion could write a wry yet deeply insightful essay out of all the

21 Jul 2023

A List of Our Favorite Bay Area Labyrinths

Did you know that the San Francisco Bay Area is a labyrinth metropolis? It seems like no matter where you go you will run into one of these self contained paths eventually. The act of walking the twisting turns into the center and back out again can be a meditative

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13 Jul 2023

I Left My Heart and My Running Shoes in San Francisco

I was out for a run along the Bay Trail. I looked up into the blue sky. A Turkey Vulture with black silent wings was floating close to me on the wind. I looked below my running feet next to the green San Francisco sea. A Bat Ray emerged. The

06 Jul 2023

What Meta’s New ‘Threads’ App is Like

*SPOILER* Threads is just like Twitter, but you follow your Instagram friends.  That’s about it.

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Outdoor San Francisco.
03 Jul 2023

Have Y’all Ever Hiked San Francisco’s Secret Garden Steps?

There are a bazillion ways to spend a pleasant day in the City by the Bay. You could meet up with the surfers at Queer Surf, best for the beginners rather than venturing into the froth at Ocean Beach on their own. The radiant jewel neighborhood Bernal Heights is worth

30 Jun 2023

How to Know if Microdosing Mushrooms is For You

A lot of people feel that microdosing helps them realize better versions of themselves and their health. It gives folks the ability to interact with their bodies, creativity, and feelings in all sorts of new ways. I, myself, am one of those people who has experienced the benefits of microdosing.

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29 Jun 2023

SF’s Backyard Pilgrimage: Walking a Circle Around Mt. Tam

The circumambulation of Mt. Tam. A backyard pilgrimage and hang-out for the Beats since 1956. A student of Zen Buddhism, Snyder had heard of a ceremonial walking practice in Kyoto and around India’s holy Mt. Kailash.

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