26 May 2024

Mayor London Breed to Pose Devastating Budget Cuts

Facing eviction, certain people will soil and vandalize the property they occupied as a last word to their landlord. They rip copper pipes from walls, scratch and pit the floor, break windows and toilets. We’ve all heard stories of vengeful tenants smearing feces on walls. It’s a rotten thing to

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14 May 2024

Major San Francisco Jeweler, Shreve and Co. Closing

Shreve & Co., a prestigious jeweler with a 172-year history in San Francisco, announced on Monday that they are leaving the city. The jeweler plans to relocate its flagship store to Palo Alto as part of a “strategic retooling of the company’s business plan.” The historic Union Square store, located

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10 Jul 2024

This Literary Magazine Release Party Will Be Epic!

The Huge Release Party for the Literary Magazine In case you haven’t heard, we just put out an incredible literary magazine called The Dreams I Dreamt: Letters to San Francisco. It’s a gift to San Francisco, where 19 of The City’s best authors and poets – writers with SO many

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09 Jan 2024

The Adidas Store Is Closing In San Francisco

San Francisco has seamlessly transitioned from the tech capital of the world to a clout pinata for click farming. Every single media organization on the planet announces the death of every unnecessary chain store to shut its doors downtown as if it’s an obituary to a beloved humanitarian.  From the

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28 Nov 2023

Why No One Went To Union Square On Black Friday

Fentanyl didn’t kill Downtown San Francisco. It killed people, but prior to the Pandemic, no one seemed to mind. They’d just walk over the bodies on their way to the office. Some people complained while others felt the juxtaposition of prosperity and poverty was what made urban life exhilarating. The

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08 Aug 2023

SF Office Space Value Predicted To Plummet Another 40% by 2025

This isn’t a ‘doom loop’ article. I’m not writing this because I’m concerned about the current state of commercial or corporate real estate in San Francisco. It’s actually the opposite: I’m fucking ecstatic.  According to a study released by Capital Economics, San Francisco’s commercial real estate value is predicted to

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18 Jul 2023

Night Markets Are Coming To San Francisco And Why SF Is Rebounding

I’ve always felt that San Francisco didn’t have enough nighttime amenities. I’m not just referring to bars and clubs; I’m talking about other shit like late night eateries, and interesting shops for people to peruse.  Thankfully it appears that politicians like Matt Haney felt the same way, as he recently

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04 Apr 2023

Why Downtown SF’s Decline Feels Like Karma

It’s not a secret that San Francisco sacrificed nearly everything for tech. There were tax breaks for companies like Twitter in an attempt to “revitalize” the Tenderloin/Mid-Market area, but there was little local intervention when landlords increased rent prices to levels even six figure earners couldn’t afford in historically low

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27 Dec 2022

The Worst Part Of Sex Work Isn’t The Sex, It’s The Stigma

Written Anonymously: Trigger Warning The pandemic affected everyone. I couldn’t begin to describe the innumerable amount of ways that COVID-19 challenged our view of what is normal. What I can do is explain how it affected me and my normal. When the political upheaval surrounding the pandemic resulted in lockdown-based

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