Ron Conway

03 Dec 2018

SF City Hall Sold. Will become Condos and Corporate Offices.

Citizens of San Francisco received shocking news this weekend when it was announced that City Hall was sold to the Lennar Corporation and will become mixed use luxury condos and corporate offices. While we’ve seen the shuttering of countless cultural institutions over the past few years, the sale of City Hall

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12 Oct 2016

Tech Billionaire Ron Conway Getting “Every Tech Employer” to Send Workers His Voter Guide

Evil Tech Billionaire Ron Conway is once again trying to steal San Francisco. It’s like a comic book, except Bat Kid isn’t around to save us. Yesterday Joe Eskenazi tweeted this email from Ron Conway in which Conway tries to use his weight to get every tech employer to vote

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17 Sep 2015

Trump/Conway Effigy Severely Beaten in San Francisco Mission District

After the screening of CNN’s GOP presidential Debate at the Roxy Theater, protesters took to the streets to beat a double sided pinata of Donald Trump and Ron Conway.

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30 Sep 2014

A Funny Video About The Tech Industry Finally Giving Back to San Francisco

The funny video below launched today to promote One City, “an initiative bringing together San Francisco’s technology companies and its residents to find common solutions to issues facing our​ ​community”. It was made by Portal A and is filled with the Bay Area’s top political, tech, business, sports and entertainment personalities,

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