The Bell House

17 Aug 2010

New Patio and Happy Hour at The Bell House

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good happy hour, the problem is I don’t actually get out of work til after all of them are over and then it’s back to $7 beers again.  Lucky for me, one of my favorite venues is now offering a happy hour

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11 Aug 2010

Save the Birds: Oil Spill Benefit Show at the Bell House

The news is showing less video of oil soaked pelicans as time goes on, but the oil from the BP spill is still hurting the animals and people of the Gulf. And you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How can I help the shrimpers who can’t shrimp, the sea turtles trying

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07 Sep 2022

What it’s Like Writing About San Francisco for 20 Years

In celebration of my 20th year in SF, I am extremely excited to announce Slouching Towards Neverland: 20 years of Writing About San Francisco. Here’s a quick rundown: – This limited edition, hand-signed, new zine covers my two decades of writing about this strange and beautiful city. – Besides well known

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09 Aug 2010

Word Vomit About Your Records at Monday Night Vinyl Club

If you can’t figure out how to start organizing your records in autobiographical order like Rob did in High Fidelity, you should go to the Bell House tonight for Monday Night Vinyl Club #22. At the Vinyl Club, everyone gets to play three of their favorite songs off vinyl and

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26 Jun 2010

Brooklyn’s Annual UnFancy Food Show

It’s blazing hot this weekend (as it will probably be for the next 3 months), and they only way to nurse that hangover properly is to either bring a Camelbak’s worth of Gatorade to the beach or soak up all that booze with delicious local food. Since I JUST ran

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12 Apr 2010

FREE Experimental Cuisine Demonstration at the Secret Science Club

When I was little, I was slightly horrified and confused when my grandma poured 7Up into our pancake batter. She just told me that it made the pancakes fluffier. And like most grandmas on food-related matters, she was right. (And she made them shaped like bunnies, so they were doubly

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09 Mar 2010

the Secret Science Club needs you

I have come to the realization that I am a bit of a geek.  Do you ever have that thought?  Like when you excitedly bought that used collection of the Boxcar Children (#12 ‘“ 47) from your neighbor’s stoop sale.  Or when you watched ‘œanimals-from-different-species-becoming-friends’ You Tube videos until 3am

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16 Feb 2010

Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience

“I’m sure it’s very nice to know how to live in the woods, and eat bark, but I’m gonna show you girls how to survive in the wilds of Beverly Hills!” If there was an 80s movie more in line with my own pre-pubescent desires than Troop Beverly Hills, I

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14 Feb 2010

A Valentine’s Guide for Lovers and Haters

Valentine’s Day is a weird little holiday. With fuzzy historical origins, no significant religious ties, and mostly exclusive to half the population,  it’s the Sarah Palin of holidays, loved by some and despised by a lot. It sneaks up on you every year with pandering shitty movies, Duane Reed starts

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