07 Jul 2015

The #HoldNoMore Campaign is Trying to End Being Put on Hold!

This post is sponsored by the fine folks as Wanna sponsor a post? Then holler at Oh hell yes! The #HoldNoMore Campaign is fucking brilliant! Their goal is to end being put on hold! I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated sometimes. I talk back to the

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07 Jul 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Rejoice or Scream…

Our Kinda Late Show w/ Broke-Ass Stuart guest used her love of Benedict Cumberbatch, photoshop, and hilarity to create something that would make anyone smile. We bring you the Benedict Catbatch Tumblr by Bonnie Burton

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pee wee
07 Jul 2015

Wayne White : Artist You Should Know

The designer behind Pee Wee’s playhouse says, “my mission is to bring humor into fine art, I’m not talking about coy art-world funny I’m talking about real world Richard Pryor funny.”

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06 Jul 2015

Win Tickets to The Helio Sequence @ The Independent!

  The self-titled sixth album by The Helio Sequence began with a friendly competition. Several of the duo’s friends within the Portland, Oregon music scene had been playing “The 20-Song Game.” The rules were simple, playful and ambitious: Songwriters would arrive in their studios at prearranged times and spend all

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Broke-Ass Stuart for Mayor
06 Jul 2015

Broke-Ass for Mayor Part 4: So Much Paper Work

No one told me there would be this much paper work. I mean, I didn’t think I could just float into the Department of Elections and be like “Alright folks, your boy Stuart has a check for you, now put me on the ballot,” but I also didn’t realize just how many things had to happen before the race even started.

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06 Jul 2015

Is Your Way of Thinking Keeping You Broke?

Getting Out of a Broke State of Mind “More money, more problems.” That’s only what rich people say.  Broke people have “broke-people problems.”  These are much harder to climb out of. I didn’t realize it at the time, but money scared and overwhelmed me for years. Watching my parents struggle,

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06 Jul 2015

10 Cheap Ways to Cure A Hangover

Ok…so the deed is done. You’ve heard all the ways to avoid getting too sick before and while drinking alcohol, and you’ve fucked them all up. You haven’t eaten anything, the only water you drank all day is the backwash you accidentally swallowed from your toothpaste, and all you’ve been

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