Super Cheap Massage

“Oh wow…this is awkward.  I was expecting a completely different kind of pussy at this massage.”

I bet you thought you knew where this was going didn’t you?  You immediately assumed this was gonna be about hitting up one of the Tenderloin rub n tugs and getting a little something extra for a moderate tip.  Well you’re wrong…at least this time.

A reader  named Kathryn just informed me that the National Holistic Institute is having an amazing Recession Special.  For just $20 one of their students will give you a 50 minute massage!  Right?  I know I can certainly use one considering how much time I spend hunched over this damn computer.  This offer is good all day Wednesday and Friday and during the mornings on Thursday.

If this sounds like something you’d be into just go here to book your appointment online.

National Holistic Institiute
1665 Market St. @ Gough

photo from Milford Theraputic

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