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Three Angels By The Park Is Your Cafe Salvation

Despite the cooler-than-cool loft parties and the rampant amounts of tacos, Bushwick still has yet to reach the simple livability that can be found in other spots of Brooklyn. Many of the storefronts are relegated to tiny little alcoves and they can be few and far between. While coffee has come to the neighborhood to a certain degree, a great cafe is a place to read the paper, converse, and be a jackass on a laptop. Three Angels By The Park is the answer to your demands, and it answers them without pretension at that.

The owner, Jerry, is a wonderful fellow who had a great idea for the place: good coffee, cheaper than most, in a huge space. 3ABTP (that’s what the hip kids I just made up would call it) has a front room with couches, a back room with desk space, and a backyard that I’m sure will be more useful when New York leaves behind its Arctic Circle weather. While it’s still new (just a couple days ago they got their A from the health department) and developing there is infinite potential to be found in the luxurious rooms. As their menu grows and the fresh paint starts wearing in, this could and should be your go-to neighborhood hang. When you go in and find Jerry he will de facto engage you in some good conversation and make you feel welcome. Tell him Dan in the big red coat sent you.

Three Angels by the Park
65 Irving Ave b/t Starr St and Troutman St

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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