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Royale With Cheese: Burlesque and Pulp Fiction at Joe’s Pub

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Have you ever been like “I like Pulp Fiction, but wish that there were more cabaret dancers”? If so my friend,  tomorrow is your. Fucking. NIGHT.

New York cultural institution Joe’s Pub in conjunction with Casino O’ Fortune Cookie Productions presents  Royale With Cheese: A Burlesque Tribute to Pulp Fiction. There are many who might say that the burlesque thing has leaped the dolphin (or whatever seafarin’ metaphor is currently making the rounds), and frankly I kind of agree with them.  But the music of Quentin Tarantino’s era-defining masterpiece seems made for an adaptation just like this, and with performers named Anita Cookie, Nasty Canasta and Bambi the Mermaid, it does sound pretty promising. It’s $15 which is kinda steep but there is a Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest with prizes.

So blow a bunch of lines, put on that bobbed wig you stoke from The Halloween Adventure and stash that adrenaline needle in your purse.  It’s Saturday, err’body.

Joe’s Pub

425 Lafayette St between Houston and Astor Place

212.967.7555 for tickets

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