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Cheap Drinks at House of Shields

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Last Wednesday night, after Broke-Ass Team San Francisco lost the INFORUM‘s “New Face of San Francisco Media” award to this guy (whatever — we’re gracious enough to admit he deserved it), and after we ate all the hors d’oeuvres and tapped the keg, we made our way over to House of Shields for a round of drinks. Since our Editor-in-Cheap footed the bill, I didn’t pay attention to drink prices. But according to their site, well drinks are $4 and the PBR on tap is $2. Not bad for a bar that still pretty well captures the mood of a 1920s Prohibition era saloon; these “time capsule”-type places often charge up the wazoo because they can get away with it. So even though we lost, I now know of a new bar in SOMA that I can hit up for a quick fix. Who’s the real winner here?

House of Sheilds
39 New Montgomery St. @ Market St.

Photo credit: Pomegranacat

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

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