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FREE Mission Prom Night for Grown-Ups!

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For many of you high school students of yesteryear, prom night held a promise of glitz, glamour, crazy 'œafter party' opportunities, and the glimmering hope of awkward prom sex. If, however, you hated high school with a fiery passion and the mere mention of prom brings back horrible memories of rejection and big hair, you are in dire need of a do-over.

I am not at all suggesting that you pose as a teenager and go back to high school, or time warp back into pimply, pubescent version of yourself (unless you turn into a Zefron-esque youth, in which case, warp away!). Proving to the world that you have grown leaps and bounds past your angsty 18-year-old self is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and your chance is coming up next week at the Make-out Room!

The monthly FREE Mods v. Rockers dance night, held every second Wednesday, is hosting Mission Prom Night 2010. The theme of the night is 'œYou Make My Dreams Come True' and it will. Oh yes. Especially if those dreams consist of tasty drink specials for those dressed in prom garb, FREE handsome prom photos, and hours of tunes that will make you want to shake your tulle/tux-covered booty. Sweet-ass prizes will also be awarded to the Prom King and Queen so you best bring it!

Mods v. Rockers: Mission Prom Night
The Make-out Room
3225 22nd St. (Between Mission and Valencia) [The Mission]
Wednesday, May 12th, 9:00 PM

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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