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Cheap Beer, FREE Sandwiches, and Other Safeway Steals from the Safeway Girl

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Cheap! Scenic!

The Safeway grocery stores in San Francisco vary widely in quality from the you-could-eat-off-the-floors Marina Dateway to the hope-I-make-it-out-alive UnSafeway, so I’m glad to finally find out someone has made my job of navigating the aisles a little easier and cheaper in the process.

Like your favorite hipster puppies or lazertits blog, Safeway Girl covers only one topic in her weekly posts: the Safeway Weekly Circular. She admits she has no affiliation with Safeway, she just likes saving money for everybody. Which is totally fine with me, because this week’s post includes broke-ass staple foods like FREE deli sandwiches, $1.77 for a box of frozen waffles and cheap domestic beer at less than $1 a beer. There’s also a deal on buy-on-get-one-free whole chickens, which will get you started on a winning dinner party.

Weekly highlights from the Safeway circular at Safeway

(hat tip: @sfhaps)

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Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

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